"Wonder Woman 1984" Feature Film Pre-Release Discussion (Spoilers)

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May 28, 2010
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Today's Ollie's Pack episode: second half episode beginning has two sick friends but not the main plot
Remember when Ben Bates criticized the animation of the recent Marvel cartoons when he talked about his Captain Marvel cartoon that wasn't picked up? Well, here's a drawing he did of Hawkeye.

The winner of this matchup is "Luna Eclipsed", which got 2 votes. "New Haunts" got 1 vote. The next category is A Forest Adventure. We're comparing the Harvey Beaks episode "Le Corn Maze Of Doom" to the Sofia The First episode "Too Cute To Spook".

Seriously, whoever at Netflix thinks it's a good idea to cancel the actually GOOD shows, yet renew Big Mouth until the end of time, should be fired.
Reminder: The Miraculous New York special premieres this Friday (I thought Disney Channel France was going to get it first before the US did. My guess is the English dub of the special is complete which could be the reason it's premiering this coming Friday).