Will there be a market for a tween equivalent of The Wiggles?


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Oct 21, 2020
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I always wonder if there would be a market for a boyband which would be tween answer to The Wiggles. I want to become a pop manager in London. In the future I'm putting together a British boyband which would be tween answer to The Wiggles called The Budeales.

A five piece white band would have great singers, dancers and zany and cartoonish personalities. They would be in trademarked colour coded skivvies and black trousers just like The Wiggles.

The band would have The Monkees style TV series before singles and the first album is released.

The sound would be 90s style bubblegum pop with 90s hip hop and R&B influences and the hint of They Might Be Giants.

The record label could market the band where no other boybands have done before, the boys audience alongside the girls.

Our goal for The Budeales is to become a biggest selling boyband in Britain and worldwide.

The band would release a cover of Blackstreet’s My Paradise (see ) as the lead single from their second album. Comedy double act Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer would feature in the second version of their cover.

The music video for My Paradise would feature a radio studio in which another comic duo Trevor & Simon's desk splits in two to reveal the rest of their dress which would be top hat, bow tie, and a tailcoat . The band, Trevor & Simon and Vic & Bob (in the second video) wear top hat, bow tie, and a tailcoat as well as holding a waling cane dancing while the female dancers would wear a evening gown dress. They would dance like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.


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