Will Nickelodeon ever pull the SpongeBob episode, One Coarse Meal for being "too dark"?


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Jul 5, 2016
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In March 2010, Nickelodeon premiered an episode that dealt with Plankton being afraid of whales and a scene that many fans claimed: it showed him attempting to commit suicide.

Would Nickelodeon ever decide to place a ban on the episode? Would they think "the episode is too grim and dark for SpongeBob standards"? Or would they not care and rerun it forever?

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Jan 19, 2004
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Call me crazy, but I seem to recall an old Toon Zone rule that it was against the rules to point out particular scenes from cartoons that should have been censored but haven't been yet. Maybe that was the Termite Terrace forum. You do NOT want to go around pointing these things out to the censors, because they'll turn around and ban them. It used to be against the rules here, because as animation fans, none of us wanted that. I suggest this thread should be closed. I'm not a mod, but it's a bad idea, and the old rule was a good one.
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