Why is the topic of Saturday Morning Cartoons so taboo in the Cartoon Community


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Aug 10, 2021
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Besides people talking about reminiscing the shows they saw on Saturday morning cartoon when they were kids / young. There's little or no real in depth discussion regarding the current state of Saturday morning cartoons , why Saturday morning cartoons declined and the future of Saturday morning cartoons.


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Jun 4, 2007
Also there's no real need for a deep discussion about how and why the Saturday Morning Cartoon experienced declined on broadcast television because most people already know why:

First there was the one-two punch of newer outlets: the advent of cable and satellite TV killed broadcast SatAM blocks and then the internet and online streaming services made them irrelevant. Kids today don't need to wait for one day to watch a 3 to 4 hour programming block when there are channels that run cartoons and kids' shows all day every day or they can just go online and cherry pick whatever they want to watch. The likes of Tribune and Sinclair actually told their affiliates to end blocks like Fox Kids and Kids' WB! because they were losing money on them.

Also broadcast networks don't program their own SatAM kids' shows anymore; they outsource them, and most of the studios who used to produce Saturday morning shows are currently under the umbrella of big corporations, who'd rather run the shows on their own venues. For example, when Disney bought ABC, they axed all of the non-Disney shows to launch their own block, One Saturday Morning, then in 2002 they revamped that into ABC Kids, which was just mini-Disney Channel on ABC, then eventually they felt that even this was a waste of time and money; if kids want to watch Disney Channel shows, they can watch them on the Disney Channel.

There are still OTA channels and syndicated blocks like Me TV and Litton, but they're the exception, not the norm. These days local stations and broadcast networks make more money airing news, sports and infomercials than they would airing cartoons, so most of them air news, sports and infomercials.

To sum up: it's not that Saturday Morning has become a taboo subject, it's just that by now it's a story that everyone knows. Like @wonderfly said a few posts back, it's been covered rather frequently (Often by me! :D ). There's really nothing new to discuss.
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Nov 4, 2018
I don't think that discussion about Saturday morning cartoon is taboo but it served the purpose.

Children's Television Act (CTA) that passed in 1990, strict E/I requirement started under Clinton Admin and strong competition on cable channels led to demise of Saturday morning cartoons, so cable channels don't have to follow CTA nor E/I requirement. Most kids want entertainment value, not bored educational value.

USA Network, TNT, TBS and SYFY used to had children programming in 1980s and 1990s, prior to CN launch in 1992 and Disney Channel transitioned from premium channel to basic channel and launch of secondary channels like Boomerang, Noggin/The N, Nicktoons and Toon Disney in late 90s and early 2000s rendered Saturday morning cartoons pointless and popularity of DVR rendered all Saturday morning cartoon as unnecessary now. Streaming services nailed Saturday morning cartoon in the coffin.

Streaming services made secondary channels like Boomerang, Nicktoons, Disney XD, Discovery Family as unnecessary, so kids can watch Hasbro contents for free on Tubi TV, despite no closed caption support for deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

Edit: Some parents banned kids from watch live TV so they forced kids to watch approved contents that recorded with DVR but it wasn't thing back in 80s and 90s.
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Aug 20, 2017
Some parents banned kids from watch live TV so they forced kids to watch approved contents that recorded with DVR but it wasn't thing back in 80s and 90s.
TV on video was a thing around this time, but didn't break out until disc-based mediums started. The reason: a TV show required a collection of tapes (13 25-minute episodes are 5.4 hours of content. That could easily go over 3 tapes [four episodes per 247mtr (2hr04min) of tape, NTSC recording], leaving room on the fifth to spare.) and could be fractured by the wrath of a hungry player/recorder. One could also timeshift with a VCR (that's what tapes were supposed to do, after all).


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