Why is post movie SpongeBob so maligned, yet post revival Family Guy seemed to be generally well received?


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As many of you know, SpongeBob almost came to a close with the movie being intended to be it's swansong, but Nickelodeon wanted the series to continue, so Stephen Hillenburg stepped down to become executive producer, and Paul Tibbitt took the reigns. For years, these episodes have come under water, mainly because some people think that the show running defies Hillenburg's intentions for the show, and for lacking the more dialogue driven humor of the earlier seasons, the exaggerations of certain personalities, more simplified stories, and the tone of the show being more mean spirited. I admit, I used to be in this camp, because I felt that continuing to support the show would be supporting corporate greed. But when Sponge Out of Water rolled around, I watched the post movie episodes, and to my surprise, I ended up enjoying them in a way that I hadn't before. Sure, the series isn't as reliant on witty dialogue as it was early on, and I have a great love of the early seasons, but the charm of the show is still there, and it has it's identity intact.

But when Family Guy returned in 2005, it immediately became a completely different show. The characters didn't resemble anything of how they were in the original run, the show's humor became more meta, self explainatory and vulgar, the tone became meaner, and the premise changed from a parody of the animated sitcom, to being more of a sketch show. Keep in mind, I'm talking like Seasons 4-9 of Family Guy. While some former fans complained about this direction on the internet, the general consensus with this direction wasn't as met with as much scorn as SpongeBob's later seasons, and for a while, was positively received and hailed upon among the mainstream public, despite this era being everything people didn't like about post movie SpongeBob times a million.

So, it raises a question: Why didn't post revival Family Guy (Seasons 4-9) meet similar backlash to post movie SpongeBob back during the prime of it's popularity, despite straying more away from it's roots than SpongeBob?


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Actually, I think both are divisive. I mean, I do put the fourth season of Family Guy on the same level as the previous three seasons but I'm pretty sure that show's quality became inconsistent during the late Noughties, say like after 2007 or so, given that MacFarlane stepped down from his showrunning position to focus on showrunner of American Dad while still involved in the show as voice actor and executive producer of FG.

As for Spongebob, the show pretty much became Nickelodeon's cash cow after the end of Rugrats.


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