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Why didn't Angela Bassett get the role of Storm????

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Why didn't Angela Basset get the role of Storm???

Okay after seeing the X2 trailer and reading the "Kirsten Dunst/MJ" thread a thought popped up "Why didn't Angela Bassett protray the role of Storm"? I mean I know in the past I supported Halle but I can't any longer after hereing rumors about her making comments about X-men and not wanting to do the role anymore. I can see if you want more screentime but for alot of rumors going around about Berry leaving X3 it makes you wonder. Originally Bassett was up for the role of Storm but supposedly Bassett was cut for Berry because of her age!!!! I mean c'mon!!!! That really ticked me off cause Bassett is way talented and looks just like the weather witch. Age shouldn't be a reason to drop an actress who fans are cheering for to protray their fave character. Singer has a great cast for X-men and X2 but my only problem with Halle is that she doesn't really understand the real pure essence of the character and hello the accent!!! I mean Bassett is probably the only actress to play Storm. I know some people are saying just write Storm out of the X3 which I find stupid cause Storm is an essential part of the team. Personally I think Storm and Mystique were eye candy for the fellas and sure Storm had weather control down but I and other Storm fans want to see the motherly side of Storm. Ororo is the rock of the X-men and that really wasn't shown in X-men. I'm not going to bash Berry cause she is a talented actress but I think she really doesn't understand Ms. Monroe and she knowns alot of fans are going to get pissed off. I'm just hoping that Storm including Cyclops and Jean will get protrayed better and we can know more about their traits and personas and that Berry will do justice to Storm this time. Well like my Dad said it's all in the writing but still the actors have to put some effort in the role too.

- Storm1288

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Guess the studio wanted Eye Candy and after watching a certain scene in Monsters Ball, I can't exactly blame them but then again Storm is much more than eye candy and I've always said from the start that Angela Basset should play Storm.

She's the right age (I'm not the only who always thought storm was more middle aged) and has the perfect look, in the facial structure and could pull off those lines we love from the Fox cartoon. I hate what they did to Storm in picking Halle but it's not like we can do anything about it.

I too would like to know why she wasn't chosen, I know she was on the list of potentials from reading Wizard.


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I can answer

I have the right answer her :Angela Basset is a (deleted) Ok ,she would have not taken the role if it was offered to her. She is very picky on her roles and will only take them if they have meaning or some (deleted). Thats why she turned down the role for Monster's Ball and now she is no where and Halle got an Oscar.


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Re: I can answer

Originally posted by John6777
I have the right answer her :Angela Basset is a (deleted) Ok ,she would have not taken the role if it was offered to her. She is very picky on her roles and will only take them if they have meaning or some (deleted). Thats why she turned down the role for Monster's Ball and now she is no where and Halle got an Oscar.
First of all I didn't make this thread for people like you to insult and call people you don't even know names. If your jumping up in my face cause you like Halle then thats fine but next time don't use language like that in one of my post cause it's rude. Another thing you sound like a huge hypocrite cause if you look at this post: You Cast the X-men Movie you state that Angela Bassett should play Storm.

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Now let's play nice everyone and discuss the topic without this thing getting out of hand.

As you were...


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Hey i love Angela Basset but thats beyond the fact that she would never play parts she doesn't think is important enough. I love her acting ability i just don't like her attitude.


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Okay sorry bout the late reply I've been swamped with projects and I didn't get a chance to reply back. Anyway you say Bassett is too picky on her roles. That's bullcrap. Look at some of the movies she did: "Supernova", "The Score", "How Stella Got her groove Back", "Waiting to Exhale", and "Vampire in Brooklyn". Those movies don't seem that important or serious do they???? No. Sure those movies aren't like her other fantastic roles she was in like "What's Love Got to Do with It?" or "Malcolm X" but still I wouldn't call her beening picky. Some of her roles were average and some were marvelous. John6777 are you an actor??? Probably not. So you don't know how hard it is to choose right roles that you know you will be able to play. I give props to Bassett for not taking the role of "Letisha" in "Moster's Ball" cause personally I think that wasn't an Oscar award winning perfromace and it wasn't Halle's best either. The role was just to trashy and the scene were Berry and Billy-Bob make love like wild lions is just laughable I mean the writer is basically saying "All women you lose there husbands are going to want to have passionate sex" and I've seen that on a bunch of lifetime movies before. Anyway I said my peace. I still think Bassett won't minded playing Storm in X-men and she has the looks and talent but I can't do anything about it now beside complain and dream about it, Hollywood already sees Berry as Storm. Anyway I hope X2 uses Storm as a strong character with good traits not just eye candy (if Berry exposes here breast in X2 I'm going to scream!)

- Storm1288


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Like you said in the first post they just thought she was too old. That's what's hppens in hollywood after you hit 30 unless your're talented or very well know you can kiss your career good bye.


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I think Vivica Fox is probably a better choice or Gina Torres(Cleopatra2020 ). Im not sure if Fox would do a superhero role but i think she looks closer to the comics storm than Berry and shes not a bad actress. I saw Torres on ET a few weeks ago and i thought she make an ok storm, especially seeing as she isn't a big name actress she won't complaint about screentime.


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