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A Fan of Linus Van Pelt.
Great Pumpkin has come and gone. So for a bit I am using Snoopy and Woodstock in Parade balloon fashion because it's almost Thanksgiving. Plus Snoopy and Woodstock are a great duo anyway.

Katie Holt

You should watch Hilda
I've been on a Hilda kick ever since I first heard about it. I might change it soon though, as I've also been loving the heck out of Summer Camp Island as well and I do want to promote it.


Playful Pugilist
Thought I'd make my own avatars using characters that I've created, such as my orc barbarian pirate, Thrum Nokdal. I created him for a Dungeons and Dragons session and roleplaying him was fun.


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I figured it was time for a new one, so I went for Alice Cooper's Killer. By this point, the band's image and dichotomy were totally figured out, and the album has a solid mix between radio-friendly rockers, like "Be My Lover" and "Under My Wheels" and weirder, lengthier cuts that would make for show stopping concert acts such as "Dead Babies". It's still a pretty consistent release though, and makes for a creepy soundtrack to walk alone to at night.

I wouldn't call it my favorite Alice release, but it's a good one to pick up if you're trying to delve into his work.

Red Arrow

ça va nog wel
Halloween is over and I finished Martin Mystery last week, so there is no reason for me to keep Martin's scary face as an avatar.

Besides, I really want to promote Transformers: Cyberverse. I love it. Go watch it. Like, right now. Whattemewhat are ya waitin' for?


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With the new year, it feels like the right time for a new avatar, and I've had INXS' Welcome to Wherever You Are on my mind. The band's glam-inspired new wave sound didn't stand a chance of staying relevant in the newfound grunge era, so the band changed their style a little by going for a combination of rawer production with an increased classic influence, while still maintaining their touch for hooks. Despite some minor hits, the album didn't have anything on the level of "Suicide Blonde" or "Need You Tonight", but remains a low key favorite of fans, thanks to a strong balance of tracks and Michael Hutchence not losing a lick of his edge. Kick will always be their definitive album, but if you want to hear something a little different from them, this is a close second on my list.


Valentine's Day
I love family and showing them to people. And love my family. So it is a picture currently of one of my five nephews with his seventeen month old baby boy.


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I feel like I only change my avatar once every few months, and/or a couple of days after my last one. No real inbetween.

Anyway, I never gravitated towards much of Odd Future's stuff before, but Earl Sweatshirt's Some Rap Songs really got to me, and is among my favorite albums from last year. A first impression would be to call it minimalist, but there's a method to the brevity of these songs- and they are short, hitting 15 tracks in under 25 minutes. But the beats are succinct and the verses flow incredibly. I'm never really great at talking about hip ho, but I've been coming back to this one fairly well since it came out.

Lady Momona

Petit Lady
Momona from Lady Jewelpet.

Because I felt like having her as my name and avatar. Ironically she's not my favorite Jewelpet character (that would go to Sara). I would change it to Sara or a Kamen Rider avatar but then it wouldn't go with my name.


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I picked Superboy from The Death and Return of Superman video game, after recently replaying said game.


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