Who Would You Consider Your Favorite Current Voice For Mickey Mouse?

Who Would You Consider Your Favorite Current Voice For Mickey Mouse?

  • Bret Iwan

    Votes: 6 54.5%
  • Chris Diamantopolous

    Votes: 5 45.5%

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Jan 5, 2014
Since today is Mickey's birthday, I figured this would be an interesting thing to talk about. Wayne Allwine, the long running voice for Mickey, died in 2009. As such, we've had 2 voice actors for Mickey, those being Bret Iwan (a former illustrator for Hallmark greeting cards) and Chris Diamantopolous (an on camera actor, with Mickey being his first big voice role).

Bret is considered the regular voice actor for Mickey, voicing him for the remainder of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, all his public appearances, everything else related to Disney Junior (those being Mickey And The Roadster Racers and the upcoming Mickey Mouse Fun House), as well as video games. Chris is the alternate Mickey, voicing him in the Paul Rudish produced shorts that started coming out in 2013 (as well as the Disney+ retool The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse) as well as a ride that uses the same animation style as the series (I think it's called Mickey And Minnie's Runaway Railroad).

Anyway, which voice actor do you think is the better fit for Mickey? Let's to over them. Bret has voiced Mickey for 11 years already, and while still considered good, I've heard some criticisms of him being a bit too high pitched, as well as the type of material he's given (feeling he makes him sound too much like a mascot and less like a character). With Chris, he's been voicing Mickey for about 7 years already. The producers of the show mentioned wanting to go for a voice that's closer to Walt Disney. He's usually considered a good voice for him. In some circles, he's considered the better voice. I've heard some criticisms on making him sound too high pitched, though it's not as apparent. What is apparent is also the material he's given, but from a different angle. He's only voiced Mickey in projects that relate in some way to Mickey Mouse (2013) such as the aforementioned ride and Disney+ retool. Some would say he's typecast into only voicing Mickey if he's in the vein of that show, and nothing else, not getting as much of a chance to stretch his vocal chops.

Still, what do you think? Who do you think is the better modern voice for Mickey?

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Oct 2, 2020
Miramar, FL
Personally, I chose Bret Iwan. He's the Mickey Mouse that I can remember.

Nothing against Chris D. or anything, and I get that his voice want to stay close to the Walt Disney version, but I don't know, it's just didn't feel right to me. His voice come across as grating and unnatural.


Jun 9, 2007
I'm giving it to Chris D. A lot of his stuff is hilarious in the cartoon, and can even show some heart whenever needed. I feel like he has more acting range in general (on top of him working with better directors). I don't know if he'd be the best for the "pure, mascot, theme park" version of Mickey, though. His tone isn't pure. It's very mischievous. haha I would like him to be used more in other emotive stuff like Kingdom Hearts and Runaway Brain.

Bret Iwan, I mostly hear him in Kingdom Hearts. Though, the voice directing in that series' English version tends to be too slow, and trying too hard to match the Japanese performances pacing (which isn't a shot at the Japanese voice actors, what they have to do works for their language), which forgets what makes these performances work in English. He would often lose the voice and turn into a more 'human' tone, as if he's trying too hard to sound serious. Bret Iwan does sound good in the kids shows, though. He shows some energy and gusto in there that Mickey usually needs. His voice actually is the "pure, mascot, theme park" version of Mickey Mouse. So, he's a better fit for those projects.

What's amazing about Wayne Allwine is that he can do both mascot and character Mickey. His voice was just in the right place to do it. haha


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Jan 20, 2009
Regarding current Mickey voices, I'd have to go for Chris Diamantopolous. He puts a lot more emotion and humor into his performances as Mickey. Nothing against Bret Iwan, though. He's not too bad, although for me I mostly grew up on Walt Disney's and Wayne Allwine's Mickey voices as a kid.


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Apr 5, 2015
I mostly grew up with Wayne Allwine’s Mickey Mouse voice, but I go with Bret Iwan. I’m glad that Chris Diamantopolous is the understudy of Mickey Mouse, though.


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