Where can children's animation TV schedules be accessed?


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Jun 3, 2020
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I posted a thread like this in the Cartoon Network board asking for a source for official CN schedules WITH the episode names can be accessed, but I never got a reply, so I might as well ask in general: Do you guys know where archives of TV schedules for children's networks (e.g. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel) can be found WITH the episode titles? Those are essential because I have a very good memory of certain episodes of certain shows being aired on certain weeks and I need these schedules to refresh my memory and see if I'm 100% accurate.

For all the sources I've tried, I've gotten very little effect. I've tried the Wayback Machine on both mobile AND desktop, and that only displays a very limited number of days/time slots, and if you try to access an archived schedule for a specific channel's website on the machine, it requires an outdated version of Flash to access, so there goes any chances of seeing those schedules.

I know we used to occasionally post CN, Nick and Disney schedules here from 07-2013 or so, but those only displayed the episode name if it was a new episode, not a rerun, which are exactly what I want them for.

However, regarding CN, there's a compilation of EVERY Adult Swim schedule WITH the episode titles, starting with its launch in 2001 that's still being updated to this day, and these are 100% accurate because I have a good memory of seeing certain episodes aired others. Here is the list: Subpages - Swimpedia It's amazing how those guys managed to document everything 100% accurately with the titles and I wonder how that was even possible. However they did it, they had to have watched old Cartoon Network broadcasts or at least seen the schedules because CN and AS share channels. If they could do AS, I don't see why they can't do something like that for CN.


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Sep 10, 2006
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I’m not sure if such a thing is possible. Maybe you can ask the people from Swimpedia how they did it.
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