When will ABC air those Weekend Marvel cartoon series?

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Apr 23, 2001
Yup! - My bad! The programming begins March 2nd. Here's the rundown from an ABC Family Press Release:

DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS -- Experience action, adventure and fun as young heroes befriend small creatures known as Digimons (digital monsters). Each Digimon has its own personality that corresponds to the personality of one of the heroes. These children and their Digimon partners team up to battle evil forces.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR -- Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm transform into Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, the Human Torch and Thing, a group of super heroes who have experienced some of the wildest adventures ever. Bound together by the strange powers that each acquired while manning an experimental rocket, they are also joined by legal and blood relationships.

IRON MAN -- When multi-billionaire industrialist Tony Stark dons his solar charged steel-mesh armor, he becomes a high-tech warrior, the world's greatest human fighting machine. He lurches, he creaks, he's as gray as the dishwater in a greasy spoon diner.

POWER RANGERS THEATER -- Watch your favorite story arcs from the first five exciting seasons, in the live-action series that takes you on unforgettable adventures. See your favorite Power Rangers moments...Tommy the White Ranger joins the team, the Silver Ranger comes to the rescue in space, and who can forget the evil villains Rita Repulsa and Astronema.

POWER RANGERS TIME FORCE -- The latest incarnation of the Power Rangers series introduces five new teen characters. Four of the five young heroes morph into action and travel back in time to capture the crime boss Ransik who has escaped with his evil crew to the year 2001 via a time portal. Ransik is elated to discover that the law enforcement of the 21st century is no match for him and his team. After suffering countless defeats at the hands of Ransik, the four teens come to the conclusion that they need a fifth ranger if they are to overcome their evil foe.

SPIDER-MAN -- Everyone's favorite web-crawler is stranded in a bizarre world where familiar things are never quite as they seem. In a highly stylized New York City, Peter Parker must find a way to blend in while Spider-Man accepts a level of responsibility he has never encountered. Spider-Man faces an array of villains with incredible powers, some who bear an eerie resemblance to his classic foes. Although Peter's friends and family exist in this world, history has created different circumstances from those at home.

X-MEN -- Created for comic books over 30 years ago by legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Marvel Comics' X-MEN are back to battle against the forces of evil mutants whose ultimate goal is to overtake the world. These mighty mutants; Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Beast and Jubilee, are feared and hated by the world with which they have sworn to live at peace. They are the strangest heroes of them all: they are the X-MEN.

Spider-Man will begin the Saturday Morning block at 7 AM, followed by the X-Men at 7:30, and then Fantastic Four and Iron Man to wrap it up.

Every Sunday will have Power Rangers Theater from 7 to 9.

And weekdays, you can catch an hour of Digimon at 7 and an hour of Power Rangers: Time Force at 8.


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Jan 9, 2002
File Island
As much as I love Digimon (Gee, can you tell?!), it looks kinda awkward to put it next to so many superhero-themed shows, even if it does share some similarities with the genre ("well, they got critters with superpowers and ave the world, don't they?").

The big question, though, is WHICH Digimon? Will they start from the biginning with Season 1-2? Continue with Tamers(Sea. 3)? Perhaps even *GASP!* go with Digimon Frontier (Sea.4)?!

Considering the big rumor being that Frontier should hit airwaves come September (wether in Japan or already on the US, I don't know), I'm extremely hopeful for them to start off where Fox Kids will leave off.

Unless Fox 4Kids keeps the show there AND air Season 1-3 in reruns in ABC Family. That I woudn't mind at all.

So...any info? Or must I end up sitting here twiddlin' my fingers 'til the day of the premiere? Fangirl need her 'fo, bro!


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