When did morning/afternoon cartoon blocks begin?

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Zorak Masaki

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May 6, 2002
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As late as the early 2000s, blocks of syndicated cartoons (network ones in the case of Fox kids) would usually air in the morning and afternoon on certain channels (usually syndicated stations for morning toons) from monday-friday. When did this practice begin?


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Mar 22, 2002
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Syndicated cartoons (on weekday mornings and afternoons) probably started coming into existence in the late 70's. They came into full prominence by the early 80's (I have memories of coming home from school in the early 80's to watch syndicated cartoons like He-Man and GI Joe on weekday afternoons).

Weekday afternoon blocks back then were tied in with the toy cartoon phenomenon of the 80's, so the rise of one (toy cartoons), led to the rise of the other (syndicated cartoons purchased for broadcast by local TV markets).

EDIT: According to Wikipedia, Kids WB's "weekday morning" cartoons ended in September 2001. Their "weekday afternoon" block ended in December 2005. But those weren't syndicated shows, technically (i.e. - shows purchased by local markets). I still think syndicated shows/blocks ended in the early 00's.
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