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Even if they do try to make a shared universe with all the cartoons, I doubt they would try more than 2-3 shows at a time. My guesses would be Avengers, Spider-Man and something new. Maybe X-Men or something, but this is all just speculation at this point.
That would track with how the "modern" Marvel Animation era has only ever had 3 ongoing cartoons going on, if not always airing alongside each other :ack:.
There's also the theory how every decade (well, since the 80s anyway) should have two different Spider-Man series...
Now that you mention it and I look at wonderfly's post...wow, that actually seems true! I guess we should get ready for 2020 :p.
I don’t really care about a shared universe between series. I would like a Spider-Man series done like Batman: Brave and the Bold though. Or maybe have it done with the Avengers.
I'm kind of over the idea of Spider-Man and team-ups, but if they could do a Spider-Man team-up show on the level of Brave and the Bold (and not Ultimate Spider-Man), I would be totally down for it :).


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I think the Marvel cartoons have been pretty weak since they started the latest era with Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man. The scripts and animation haven't really been up to par with the exception of USM and that was mostly because of the animation. Nearly everything else has been underwhelming. That has changed recently with the Marvel Rising series and the new Spider-Man cartoon. Both of those are definitely the best Marvel has released of this current era.


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I do really miss when Marvel cartoons had significant theme songs. Watching the show's just isn't the same without them in my opinion :(.


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I do really miss when Marvel cartoons had significant theme songs. Watching the show's just isn't the same without them in my opinion :(.
That is another big "blah factor" to me with the current shows. The intros just completely are afterthoughts with little care put into them. Just highlights they go the extra mile when they put in the effort to make a cool intro theme with a memorable tune or memorable lyrics.

Among memorable Marvel cartoon intros I'd put pretty much any opening theme there was over any of the 10 second title cards they give us since 2012. I mean come on, does that stuff compete with the X-Men TAS theme? Pick any Marvel show prior to 2012 and it'll have a decent tune with a cool intro to jazz you up at least.

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