What your favorite Dexter's Laboratory episode?

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Sammy Day

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I re-watched some of the show's best episodes lately but I think Mock 5, the Speed Racer spoof, is so hilarious. If you don't know what I'm talking about go watch it now, they mock retro animes and they nail it. I also love LABretto because of the surprisingly great songs, probably some of my favorite songs in CN history.

But apart from the popular episodes, one I love peculiarly is "Aye Aye Eyes"; the creepy eyed girl tears me up and the song is soooo catchy.

What's your favorite episodes? Dexter's Lab is so absurd and full of surprises, it's a show in CN's library we don't recognize enough

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I can't remember all episodes, but somehow "Paper Route Bout" comes to mind. A nice ninja movie parody.


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"The Parrot Trap" is the one I've always went back to. The concept isn't all that special (a mechanical parrot copies everything it hears, including Dexter's secret), but the timing is great throughout. The scene where the parrot terrifies Dexter's dad cracks me up, almost as much as it sending his mom to the Florida Everglades to finish her cookies.

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"The Big Cheese" was always my favorite epsiode. To this day it still makes me laugh.
I've got it here in French and Dutch on DVD. Worst French translation in history :D Even an idot could come up with a proper translation: give Dexter an English test and then all he can say is "cheese omelette", and then the girls can go like "Ohhh Dexter ! L'anglais est une langue si profonde !"

But NOPE, in the French version, Dexter still gets a French test, and that vinyl record is called "J'apprend le français", even though he can already speak French perfectly, and then the French test goes like "Comment traduit-on cheese omelette en français?", as if it's an English test, and then the girl scene makes no sense either.

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It's longer than a standard episode so I'm probably cheating, but I love Ego Trip. I think it's the perfect capstone and shows Dexter at his best and worst.


I love every episode, and it's extremely hard to choose just one. But if I had to choose only one episode, it would be "Photo Finish" - a parody of spy movies with Dexter imitating James Bond.


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Filet of Soul. I loved the reference to Ghostbusters made by Dexter when he was getting ready to catch the fish's soul. "Who ya gonna call?" I never saw the movie but I know the theme song. Of course as a kid I never would've caught that reference before.

I also loved the creepy music when Dexter woke up to hear Dee Dee calling and she was trapped in sewer beyond. It was just a great episode, in my opinion, especially Dexter and Dee Dee saying "no you shut up" back and forth. Dexter's Lab has so many great episodes from it's original run that I never really stopped to think about my favorites before. As mentioned earlier, LABretto is another one of my favorites. I liked the songs as well.

Quiet Riot is pretty entertaining as well because of the lengths Dee Dee goes to in her attempt to keep things quiet for Dexter.

Dollhouse Drama because of the end, "Go back to sleep. You need your rest." LOL.

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