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What was your favorite FoxBox cartoon?

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Ay Carumba
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There weren't many that were very good, but the winner has to be TMNT 2K3.

I'm now gonna wait and lurk around this topic to see if someone says "Funky Cops."

Red Arrow

ça va nog wel
Those 7 episodes of Martin Mystery.

I liked TMNT 2003 as a child, but now I am annoyed by both the Dutch and the English voices trying to sound cool and hip. I also find the background music terrible. It's on par with the music in Batman Beyond and the early seasons of The Batman.


Is this the future?!?
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I also find the background music terrible. It's on par with the music in Batman Beyond-
Wait a minute, that was one of the coolest things about Batman Beyond! Actually, EVERYTHING about Batman Beyond was cool.

...and if TMNT 2003 is starting to sound dated, then I'm officially old.

EDIT: And yes, TMNT 2003 was the best show on FoxBox.


1. Martin Mystery
2. Mew Mew Power
3. Winx Club (4Kids version)
4. G.I. JOE: Sigma 6
5. TMNT 2K3

Nothing against Nickelodeon's version of Winx Club, but I prefer the one from 4Kids. I guess it's because of nostalgic reasons.
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I guess it’ll have to be TMNT 2k3. Fighting Foodons and Ultimate Muscle were fun, but I didn’t love a whole lot else. What are the rules? Do 4KidsTV shows count? Or shows like Yu-Gi-Oh! that didn’t originate on the block but ended up there?

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