What should be changed about this children's cartoon idea?


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Nov 24, 2015
I've had this idea for a while and have been trying to work out any bugs that it might have.

This is a cartoon about 3 seven-year-old kids, Johnny, Katie, and Bob, who hang out together in their tree house and spend a lot of their time solving mysteries. Johnny is the streetwise leader who answers calls and puts together plans, Bob is the strong and aggressive one who does the heavy lifting and intimidation, and Katie is the cute one who carries the notebook and pieces together clues. There's also Hopper, Katie's stuffed bunny rabbit who can talk and move sentiently on his own, and he's mainly just used for jokes or minor plot development.

Each 21-minute episode (divided into three 7-minute acts) would basically start with them in the treehouse doing whatever until they get a phone call or a knock on the door from someone who needs their help solving a mystery. They then write down any information this person has for them and proceed to go around questioning people and gathering clues. As they do that, they piece together everything they've gathered until they eventually reach the correct conclusion. At the end, the person who called them decides what to do about the cause or culprit, and the group gets together in their treehouse to have milkshakes in celebration of another case solved.

As the show goes on, I may start to add reccuring characters or even some villains. But for at least the first half of season 1, I wanted to keep it more focused on our main cast of characters so we can really get to know them.

The show would be a mix of mystery and comedy. It would be aimed at ages 2-8, and I could see it being rated TV-Y.

I'd want each season to be 20 episodes long, with the first half airing weekly from September to November and the second half airing weekly from March to May. I could see this show lasting for maybe 3 seasons.


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