What magazine was this?

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First off, I apologize if I’m stepping over any boundaries by posting this here. I figured that you guys are into nostalgia and had that Disney Adventures thread, you might be able to help.

In the summer of 2000, I purchased a magazine called “IN Power” from Walden Books or B. Dalton (it was something lower than Barnes and Noble or Borders). The two things it was hyping the most were the fourth Harry Potter book and the second Pokémon movie, but really this thing had everything that was popular with kids turn of the 21st century.

Articles included a hypothetical cast for the Harry Potter movie, like a million pages of Pokémon cards prices, a review of the Nick sitcom Caitlin’s Way, a Pokémon/Harry Potter crossover that I legit believe was written by a fourth grader, and puzzles involving every character from a Gen Y’s childhood.

Now I have yet to have see another issue of this magazine. Googling “In Power Magazine” turns up diddly squat.So... where did this come from? Has anyone heard of it? Am I just a Muggle that got her hands on a wizards magazine? I need answers.

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But which company published it? :sweat: We might find something on Wayback Archive.

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Google gave me this:
In Power Magazine August 2000 – Miss Dream

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I'm dying at that Harry Potter suggested cast list. Even if there was a studio that would've dared to cast Muniz as Ron, it never would have flied with Rowling -- part of the deal for the movie rights was "all British actors or nothing." Rhys-Davies is the closest thing to plausible in there. I'm surprised they didn't suggest Stone Cold Steve Austin for Hagrid.

And where did Mara Wilson come from?? She hadn't been in the public eye for years by the time that magazine came out. I wonder how Modern Internet Celebrity Mara would react.


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I'd like some better quality scans of the whole magazine plz.
I will try to work on that this weekend.
And where did Mara Wilson come from?? She hadn't been in the public eye for years by the time that magazine came out. I wonder how Modern Internet Celebrity Mara would react.
Mara Wilson was in Matilda which I remember being a popular movie around that time. Also wasn’t she in a string of ads for Pepsi?


Neat. Makes me nostalgic. Reminds me a bit of Beckett's Unofficial Pokemon Collector Magazine, which survived by writing the title like this:

Beckett's Unofficial
Collector Magazine

Still a bit sad they stopped printing it. Trademark/copyright dispute with the Pokemon Company International did it in after ~10 years on store shelves.

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It seems to be published by something called Wizard Entertainment.
Yeah, this must have been one of the many spin-offs of Wizard Magazine. Some were succesful (InQuest, Toyfare), some, not so much (this magazine, their extremely short-lived magazine about animation called "Toons").


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