What If The Penguins Of Madagascar Was Still Going And Was Still The #2 Animated Series On Nickelodeon?

I'm Asking This Because Penguins Was The #2 Most Watched Animated Series On Nickelodeon Back In 2010 And Was Doing Better In The Ratings At The Time Than Other Shows Like The Fairly OddParents, Back At The Barnyard, And The Mighty B! Your Thoughts?


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I imagine the partnership with DreamWorks Animation would have to last pretty long.

In that scenario, I imagine that Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and (maybe) Monsters vs. Aliens would also last a little longer than they did. Most likely the former than the later, as it did have as many episodes of Penguins did (80 half-hours, which is actually one of the largest amount of episodes a Nicktoon has had. Only 7 other Nicktoons have beaten that [8 if you count Nick’s run of Winx Club that had 182 episodes]).
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I imagine the partnership with DreamWorks Animation would have to last pretty long.

Or Nickelodeon Would Probably Have To Own DWA, But That Is Highly Unlikely Since NBCUniversal Bought Them Only 4 Years Ago. If Only Nickelodeon Could At Least Air Reruns Of This Show On Nicktoons, But According To TV Tropes, NBCUniversal Has Forbidden Nickelodeon From Airing Reruns Of This Series (As Well As Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness And Monsters Vs. Aliens) Ever Again Even Though Nickelodeon Co-Owns The Copyright To All 3 Shows With DWA. I Guess NBCUniversal Possibly Doesn't Want DWA Content On A Rival Network As They Are Airing DWA Series' On Universal Kids.


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I haven't seen this movie in years, so I don't know if it's good or not. Still, Jeff Bennett voicing Kangaroo Jack is pretty hilarious.

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