What if Regular Show was picked up by Adult Swim?


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Oct 23, 2014
Cartoon Network's Regular Show broke new grounds for the network when it premiered in 2010. Airing with a TV-PG rating, Regular Show pushed content bounders no other children's series could at the time, and was unique in its premise of staring hip twenty-somethings rather than kids like most of the channel's shows at the time. But let's say, for whatever reason, CN passed on Regular Show when it was offered for a full series, and Adult Swim, decided to produce it instead. What could've changed about Regular Show, and would it have anywhere near the level of success?

Regular Show always felt like a toned down Adult Swim series with its 23 year old protagonists, laid-back dialogue based humor and surrealism, all the way down to the 11 minute format. I think loosening the content restrictions and upping the rating to a TV-14, it would've fit in with the rest of that network's lineup. Would it have lasted nearly as long? Maybe. Adult Swim rarely seems to cancel a show after one or two seasons unless its a real failure.


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Aug 2, 2020
well, since regular show played a big role in the revival era for Cartoon Network back in 2010, I still think cartoon network revival would not be complete without this show unless a pilot that looks awesome made in 2007/2008 would be picked up instead of regular show, than yes regular show could have gone to adult swim instead

I always thought the animation style of regular show looks like a adult animated show


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Apr 19, 2020
I think timing is important. If the adult version of Regular Show had aired on adult swim instead of Cartoon Network in 2009 then I don't think it would've been popular; however, if it had aired following the Rick and Morty hype then I think the response would have been much more positive.

In the 2010's, Regular Show, Adventure Time, and King of the Hill were used to separate the kids programming from the adult programming. I think it worked well for both Cartoon Network and adult swim.

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Oct 2, 2020
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It would've been more ballsy and more risque if Regular Show was part of Adult Swim due to it's mature content in the early seasons, but I couldn't imagine if this show would've been as memorable or left that much of an impact on Adult Swim than it was on Cartoon Network.

I mean, JG Qunitel's second series, Close Enough, was the closest (no pun indented) we get to a mature version of Regular Show right now.


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Aug 4, 2019
Regular Show would most likely be more like Close Enough on Adult Swim as thats a perfect match in tone.


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