What if Invader Zim was successful?


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Oct 23, 2014
Invader Zim, the Nickelodeon cult classic that returned with a reunion movie on Netflix called "Enter The Florpus" is one show that everybody brings up when discussing TV shows that were taken off too soon. Contrary to belief, Nickelodeon didn't cancel the show because it was too dark. Quite the opposite, Nick WANTED a darker show when they went to Vasquez. They wanted something different from their usual lineup, and add a bit more variety back to the channel, which by that point had started to veer a little too heavily into Klasky Csupo shows and sitcoms. Back in 2001, Nick actually hyped up the show much more than the other new Nicktoon premiering at the time, The Fairly OddParrents.

In reality, Zim was axed because the show's ratings were too low to justify its insanely high budget for a Nicktoon at the time, and Nick struggled to find a decent time slot to boost its ratings. But what if the show actually kept consistent ratings? What if Zim was able to do well enough for Nick to order more episodes past the first 2 seasons? If Zim had been more successful, it could've actually joined the likes of OddParrents, Danny Phantom, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, and of course SpongeBob as among the flagships on the network.
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