What happened to 90 second ED and 30 second previews?

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Jan 23, 2007
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Anyone noticed a lot of anime have shorter ED and shorter next episode previews. Used to be you had a one and half minute ED followed by 30 second next episode preview. Now a days you get 70 minute ED and 15 or 20 second next episode preview for a lot of series.

Why is that, to save costs?
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In the old days it wasn't all just 90-second endings, some shows like Doraemon had 60-second ones.

For what I know, lots of shows had to do it due to the launch of digital terrestrial broadcasts in the country between 2003 and 2006. Doraemon 2005 had endings, at least until 2006 when DTT signals had started in the whole country. This could be the reason why.

I believe that the taxpayer-funded NHK is an exception, as it doesn't run on ad revenues.