What do you think of the idea of animated movie expansions?


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Nov 24, 2015
This is where a film is re-tooled to follow another character or series of events taking place at the same time as the original story, with some scenes possibly being deleted scenes or straight up recycled scenes from the original film, and released in theaters with a new subtitle a year after the original film comes out.
Say for example I make a Secret Agent movie which tells the story of a CIA spy trying to find and diffuse a hidden bomb threatening to blow up Las Vegas, the origins of which no one seems to know until the villain is caught towards the end. A year later, I'd release Secret Agent: The Untold Files, which shows how the bomb was created and planted and explores the villain's motivations and efforts leading up to their reveal in the original film more in-depth.


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Dec 1, 2005
Michigan USA
I kinda liked how the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars special incorporated deleted scenes from the original Star Wars (Namely, showing Luke seeing the opening battle from the ground while tending to his uncle's moisture vaporators).
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