What do you think of animated "Choose Your Own Adventure" style content?

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Aug 5, 2002
What do you think of animated "Choose Your Own Adventure" style content?

Choose Your Own Adventure was a series of books from the 80s and 90s aimed at kids that would allow the reader to dictate the story based on choices they make. They were so popular there are almost 200 of these books, they lasted 19 years and book series like Which Way copied their formula:

Now we have animated content that does the same thing.

Choose Your Own Adventure made a DTV movie in 2006 based on one of their books:

Netflix has made a lot of them:

Also WB made an R rated Batman VOD movie based on "Death in the Family" that let you choose the story.

Which of these CYOA style animated projects have you liked and how many have you disliked? What type of animated projects in the future would you like to see done in this style?
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