What are the odds of AS getting Futurama again?


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Jun 3, 2020
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Just curious. The syndication contract for the show expired in December 2007 which caused Adult Swim to stop airing it, but since it's been nearly 13 years and the show subsequently moved to Comedy Central I wonder if they still have another shot at getting the rights back.


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Sep 30, 2005
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I imagine whenever the current SyFy contract goes up, much like with Adult Swim and Family Guy/Bob's Burgers, Disney will block its renewal and move Futurama to FXX. I know Futurama isn't producing new episodes like those shows, but it still seems to do well in repeats and Disney doesn't like to share.


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Jul 9, 2008
FXX is much more likely. AFAIK Comedy Central's rights to King of the Hill have expired (they still have The Cleveland Show but even that might leave too).

Disney's goal is to have all the long-running animated sitcoms produced by 20th TV for Fox air their reruns on FXX. That means even American Dad! will leave the WarnerMedia networks eventually (with new episodes possibly being produced for FXX).

I'd like a reorganization of FX Networks where FX is strictly drama and FXX is strictly comedy (encompassing new shows, off-network reruns, and movies). FX would need to acquire some off-network dramas since they don't have any currently (some shows I had in mind were Scorpion, Agents of SHIELD, and The Blacklist). The Retro block on FXM splits into a separate 24/7 channel, which would remain commercial-free and run classic movies from all Disney brands. FXM itself adopts its primetime format (more recent films from all studios, with ads) 24/7. This strategy will influence other the parent companies of major studios to launch classic movie channels of their own featuring classic movies from the studios they own (that is, if they haven't launched such channels yet).

ViacomCBS would launch a channel showing classic movies from the Paramount library, with the name Showtime Machine (a portmanteau of Showtime and "time machine").

My plan for MGM to be bought by WarnerMedia encompasses Epix being sold to NBCUniversal and a new channel, Epix Vintage, showing classic movies from the Universal library.

These classic movie channels would all be basic cable, even those that incorporate brands of premium cable channels.

So anyway, I don't see Futurama going back to AS. While AS did help revive the series, the revival ended up on Comedy Central.

Disney might want to use the Fox adult cartoons as supplemental programming for a possible block of original adult animated sitcoms on FXX. It's about time someone really competed with AS. Comedy Central might be going in that direction too with the revivals of Beavis and Butt-Head and Daria, with possibly more shows to come as supplements to South Park.
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Sep 3, 2006
As far as Adult Swim is concerned, it's had its run.

I also agree that Disney will pull it from Syfy at some point and put it on FXX with their other new prime-time animated acquisitions.
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