What Animated Reboots/Revivals/Revival TV Movies/Specials would you like to happen?

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Sep 4, 2017
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There's been a lot of reboots and revivals, as well as revival TV Movies/Specials happening lately, with more on the way (Like Animaniacs, Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling, The Invader ZIM Movie, and Muppet Babies). I tend to enjoy revivals and reboots. My favorites this decade being DuckTales 2017, Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, and the new Mickey Mouse shorts, though I have got enjoyment from Teen Titans Go!, Powerpuff Girls 2016, Wabbit, The Tom and Jerry Show, The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!, and others. Since there will most likely be more on the way.

What reboots/Revivals/Revival TV Movies/Specials would you like to happen?

Personally, here's my choices

Blue's Clues: This was easily one of the most popular shows among 2 - 5 year olds during it's heyday and I think it would work for a good reboot. The show has a simple concept, but it works really well. The show (Especially the Steve Episodes) was something that could attract preschoolers, but parents could watch it with their preschoolers and not get annoyed. I think a reboot would do pretty well in today's day and age with the little kids. I would love to have a Blue's Clues for the new generation and the show has a timeless feel. It really feels like it hasn't aged a single day. If a reboot happens, it most likely will have a different host which I will welcome. It's a true Nick classic in my eyes. At the very least, I would love a TV Special to test the waters.

Winnie the Pooh: Well there's a new Winnie the Pooh film coming out later this year titled "Christopher Robin". Anyways, I think Winnie the Pooh is the type of franchise that can work in any decade. The series definitely has a timeless feel and the characters are very relatable. I think a new Winnie the Pooh show would be awesome for the new generation. Personally, I would love it for it to be 2D, but I wouldn't mind a CGI Pooh either.

TaleSpin: DuckTales (2017) seems to be doing pretty well for the channel it's on from what I have seen and if Disney were to do another Disney Afternoon reboot, I think TaleSpin would make for a great one. It's not my favorite Disney Afternoon show (that would be Rescue Rangers), but I think there's potential for a great overarching story and for some new characters to join in on the fun. I think a reboot would be pretty exciting, especially if it's done by people who loved the original growing up, just like DuckTales (2017).


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Nov 7, 2004
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Here's a few sweet reboots/revivals,

Tattertown - It's pretty awesome/enjoyable with great bizarre over the top wackiness zany comedy, Debbie/Miss Muffet or Muffet the Merciless and the other bizarre characters were great/enjoyable.Its got potential for a series, I know it won't happen, but I wish for it though.

Fantastic Max - Great underrated classic space adventure comedy series with great potential.Both Max/FX/A.B. Sitter and the villains were great/enjoyable and have Amanda get more major focus for the great reboot.

Super Mario Brothers - Next to Pac-Man/Sonic the Hedgehog, a reboot of it will be sweet/enjoyable with great comedy/action.Both Daisy, Mallow, Geno, Wario/Waluigi, Boshi, and the new villains to show up will be great as well.

Beetlejuice - A reboot for it will be sweet, it's great/enjoyable with sweet wacky over the top dark comedy with great bizarre character designs, Beetlejuice, my favorite great funny wacky protagonist and the villains were enjoyable/wacky.Always a huge fan of the series when I was young:D.

Bonkers - Next to Ducktales 2017, I so want a reboot of it, it's pretty great/enjoyable with great comedy/wackiness/crime-busting action and have new characters/villains to make it worth watching.

Phantom 2040 - Such an awesome classic superhero action series with a great detailed futuristic setting feel to it with great potential, a reboot of it would be awesome.

Road Rovers - After 13 episodes, I so love a good revival/continuation for it, the best thing of Kids' WB, its got great action/comedy, the Road Rovers Hunter/Colleen/Blitz/Exile/Shag/Muzzle were great enjoyable protagonists and General Parvo/The Groomer and Zachery Storm were great classic major villains.They'll have great new characters/villains and the Star Rovers need some more major focus as much as they got great potential:D.

Danny Phantom - After its great ending, I love a great revival/continuation of it with great new action/comedy and great new ghost villains for Danny to fight.
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May 11, 2007
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A Spectacular Spider-Man revival would be fantastic. It's one of the few shows that I think lived up to its hype and it was a shame that it was cancelled. The chances aren't too likely at all for that to happen, but the idea is quite appealing.

Depending on how the Animaniacs revival goes, I wouldn't mind other WB cartoons being revived. Freakazoid was a fun show that could lend itself to at least a TV special. Tiny Toons would be nice too since I remember liking that quite a bit back in the day.

I still really want a Static Shock reboot. It was a fun good show and I think it would be fun to explore the characters and concept in a slightly more serious tone than the original series had. At least Static is in Young Justice, so the character isn't forgotten, but a new Static Shock series would be more ideal.

Similarly, a Batman Beyond revival would be fantastic. It wouldn't necessarily have to be a revival set within the DCAU. It could be set within its own continuity instead with just different versions of Bruce, Terry and other DC characters. A special set within the DCAU would work too though. The original series was good, but I kind of wish it lasted a bit longer. Granted, it's hard to get upset over that when it had two good endings in the form of Return of the Joker and the JLU episode Epilogue, but it would be cool to see something with Batman Beyond again.

A Gargoyles revival or reboot would definitely be good. I remember watching reruns on Disney Channel back in the day and it was pretty awesome. There would be enough demand for a continuation to work, but I also would be fine if they started from scratch instead. I'm actually somewhat surprised that this hasn't happened given that it is one of the more popular Disney Afternoon cartoons, but it took awhile for the Ducktales reboot to happen too.

I wouldn't mind a Kim Possible TV special. It was a good series, ran for a pretty good length of time and the ending was satisfying, but I wouldn't mind a special showing Kim and Ron in college. I wouldn't be against a reboot, but I think just going for a TV special would be fine.

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Jan 19, 2004
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Tattertown - It's pretty awesome/enjoyable with great bizarre over the top wackiness zany comedy, Debbie/Miss Muffet or Muffet the Merciless and the other bizarre characters were great/enjoyable.Its got potential for a series, I know it won't happen, but I wish for it though.
I thought I was the only one who remembered that Ralph Bakshi Christmas special. Good times, man.

New episodes of Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures would rock too.

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Jul 14, 2016
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I've always thought it would be great if we got a 4th Rugrats movie (a theatrical movie like the first three) with the original creators and most of the cast involved, only this time it's where the babies and their parents go on vacation in Australia and continues from where the original series left off. For the story, it could focus on Angelica finding out what it really means to be loved by someone, making her first true friend and her gradual transformation from being the bossy, spoiled brat she was in the original series to being more nicer to the babies. New characters would be introduced, including a new villain created specially for the movie, like Rugrats in Paris did, and I also envision the movie have some dark moments, let alone a somewhat darker tone, like some episodes of the first 3 seasons did.


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Jul 24, 2006
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I think it's time to reboot some classic old school cartoons - along with a few that never went to series but had potential.

Let's start with some HB action shows from the 60s:

Space Ghost: Sure he was Batman in space - but so what? I'd love to see a reboot of SG and a little more detail into his origin and how Jan & Jace came to live with him. If they lift some details from the comic book, I wouldn't mind.

The Herculoids - I always loved how they trashed the bad guys and it would be great to see them in action once more.

The Impossibles - I've been working on my own reboot as practice for my screenwriting class, but I see plenty of potential here. I can see it going either in a serious direction (like YJ for example) or a bit more lighthearted like, Batman The Brave & The Bold. Plus, we need a soundtrack! Like the original series, get speaking voices for the characters and singing voices for the music.

Jonny Quest - definitely overdue - and I hope they go back to basics with the tone and storylines. Oh, and no Jessie! She bugged me and IMO interfered with the dynamic. Jezebel Jade, one the other hand is more than welcome to make her occasional appearances.

Filmation cartoons worthy of a reboot:

Mission Magic - we could get better world building and much better characterization for Miss Tickle and her students . Bonus if Rick Springfield were to return as "Rick, the ruler of the Land of Music and Magic".

Fantastic Voyage - this shared little more than the movie's title and concept of shrinking operatives for missions, but it was still a good concept. It needed stronger writing and better characterization, however.

Dick Digit - This was one of the few original cartoons Filmation pitched to the network but was never picked up. It was included on some compilations of other Filmation shows. I think the basis of the show (Lilliputian sized humanoid from another planet comes to Earth to escape aliens who destroyed his homeworld and befriends earthlings with unique talents of their own) could be reworked for today.

Flash Gordon - Filmation made a great series with their back in 1979, It was in its art-deco glory and very true to the comics. I'd love a revival with more modern storylines but with Flash's 30s look and fantastic surroundings intact.

A few others:

Defenders of the Earth - This was an early 90s cartoon which united the classic cartoon characters of the 30s and 40s. Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, Lothor and The Phantom all battled evil - while also dealing with single parenthood. Each of them had a teen who were also part of the mix.

In lieu of that, perhaps a Phantom animated series on its own (Phantom 2040 was posted above and I wouldn't mind seeing it rebooted either). It could take place in the 30s or the present and there is always the rich history of Phantoms of the past. A bit of deconstruction would be in order as well. In fact, perhaps we could have simultaneous phantoms! One based in Africa ("home base") with other Walker family members as Phantoms in Europe, The Americas, Asia and Australia.

Winx Club - I liked the magical school angle (that wasn't Hogwarts!) and I think there's a lot of potential. The problem stems for the constant re-edits and translations. Often the story lines would change from version to version as well as the VAs. In one version, Daphne was Blooms older sister who died saving her life, while in others she's a fairy godmother of sorts who guides her, but isn't her sister. Plus, the evolution of a fairy seemed to change. Enchantix was supposed to be the zenith one could achieve, but then TPTB wanted to sell more dolls with new outfits and suddenly there was Believeix, Charmix, and Lovix! I'd love to start over with a more stable story bible and goals for the characters. I would also prefer the voice cast for the 4Kids version, as they seemed to jell the best in English dubs.

Battle of the Planets - Yes, I now know it's really Gatchaman, but my 1978 self didn't know that! I wouldn't mind an American reboot with elements from both shows with some of the grittier aspects of the original.
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Oct 22, 2012
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Not very realistic, I know, but giving Sym-Bionic Titan and Megas XLR a proper ending would be nice.

I hope Hubert & Takako eventually gets a second season. Xilam waits so long between two seasons :(

I am not really interested in revivals of old shows that had proper endings.


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Jan 5, 2014
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Not very realistic, I know, but giving Sym-Bionic Titan and Megas XLR a proper ending would be nice.
I thought those two shows were financially written off, giving the axe to them potentially being revived.
I'd love to see a revival of Spectacular Spider-Man, no question. What happened to that show was a crime.
If the show came out a few years earlier before the Marvel buyout by Disney , it probably could've gotten the five seasons Greg Weisman wanted.

Anyway, my choices would be Motorcity, Littlest Pet Shop (2012), and Wander Over Yonder. Have them start out with a regular length of season of 20-26 episodes before finishing with TV movies of 90 minute runtimes.