WF Exclusive Video: Watch The Unfinished Opening Credits To "Justice League"

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Apr 23, 2001
When screener copies of the three-part Justice League series premiere were first sent out to the media for review back in Oct. 2001, the show wasn’t exactly in the completed form which debuted on Cartoon Network the following month. While all three episodes themselves were locked in, that wasn’t quite the case for Justice League‘s opening titles sequence. Instead of the now-familiar finalized version featuring computer-generated imagery, the screener copy featured an unfinished workprint version using storyboards by Justice League producer Bruce Timm.

The storyboards were crudely animated and set to a temporary theme, itself eventually replaced in the final cut. While a handful of images from this version of Justice League have circulated online since the show’s debut over 20 years ago, no video of the workprint has ever been widely available. But now, and exclusive to The World’s Finest, continue below to watch this rarely-seen “workprint” version of Justice League‘s opening titles sequence.

For more on the classic Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, check out the dedicated The World’s Finest subsite, which includes extensive and exclusive coverage and content of the acclaimed cartoon.


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