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Shaking things up a bit
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Mar 22, 2002
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Springfield, MO
Here is the forum where Saturday Morning Cartoons never die!

This was formerly the "Retro" forum, but what is Retro? Is it anything prior to a certain year? And if so, what year do you use?

Well, we've put aside that debate because at the heart of the topic is a celebration of the cartoons of yesteryear. If it's a cartoon that aired on broadcast (over the air antenna) television - from the 60's through the 2000's, and if it doesn't have another forum dedicated to it, then it belongs here!

So if you want to discuss the Hanna-Barbera era of the 60's and 70's? Go right ahead! Want to discuss the "toy shows" (He-Man, GI Joe, etc.) of the 80's? Go right ahead! If you want to discuss the glory days of Fox Kids and Kids WB in the 90's and on into the 00's, then go right ahead!

All hail Saturday Morning Cartoons!
Mar 22, 2017
They were something to wake up for.
You could draw them.
They showed us what commitment means.
They were one of the first things we had to defend.
They taught us patience.(next episode……)

Sounds like an interesting idea for a forum.
awesome idea!!!

if you want you can also check out : legendsofawesomeness.wordpress


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