Was DiC Entertainment ever good?

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Nick Mick

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Jan 2, 2018
Attiki, Greece
Ohhh yeah, DiC Entertainment. Let's start with the obvious: its name. Thank god we didn't have a perverted mind back then, or else...

For starters, the company was owned for the most part, by Andy Heyward, who can be only described as Chris Meledandri's b*stard son. While I don't have a particular hate for the guy, I mean, he really seems to be into the business of a company, when it comes to actual animation, he's not really someone who will give a damn, especially judging by his interviews.

I grew up with a lot of its cartoons in Greece, such as Inspector Gadget, Dennis the Menace, Sabrina, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog (not SatAM) etc. From what I can tell (and I don't add that much here), the company was really cheap when it came down to the actual features. Which is a shame, because a lot of cartoon talents seemed to had attented the company back when it still operated. Proof of that, are the well-made openings and pilots of shows like Hammerman, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Incredible Dennis the Menace (as for the latter one, a completelly different intro with really smooth animation can be found on international releases of episode "Navy Destroyer". Search Несносный Деннис on YouTube, it's worth watching), that would overshadow the final product.

Mind you that this is the first episode of All-New Dennis the Menace. But even then, I don't really hate the show as a whole. I mean, the writers actually put some effort into staying true to the original source material; though, the original did manage to capture the magic of the comic strips, and still create a lot of weird but unique storylines, while in this case, the show was.... uuhh, boring. Nice, I mean, even the characters aren't one-note, but still, boring. To a point you could easily make the show live-action and give the direction to John Hughes; nothing would change.

Also, how the heck did General Mills get involved in the production of the Dennis the Menace shows? It's a food company, for crying out loud!

I guess I should also put a reference to Hammerman, though in this case, just by watching a mere five seconds of this, you can tell that this was sort of outsourced to Dingo Pictures. I'm joking here, but seriously, this must be the worst animation ever put on a network.

My favorite of those cartoons was actually Sabrina. Like, it's pretty similar to the early Loud House: th plots are really cliched, but there's a unique spin in them. And not only that, but Savage's humour is really appealing to younger and older audiences, and the dillemas actually feel true.
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Aug 31, 2018
Right behind you.
"Bump in the Night" was produced by Danger Productions, in association with Green Grass Productions. DIC (and later Cookie Jar and DHX) only acquired/distributed it.
Actually, Greengrass Productions was an ABC division from just before they bought DiC, and DiC bought both the ABC pre-Disney and their catalog when they became independent from Disney, which is why it's in the catalog.
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Corwin Haught

Sep 14, 2013
Season 1 of Inspector Gadget being written and pre-produced by Nelvana in Toronto is arguably why the series is so well-remembered today. Season 2 was among the first programs undertaken by DiC's U.S. animation studio, and it shows badly.
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Nov 19, 2011
Two words: Ulysses 31.

DIC was a co-producer. I'm not sure how involved it was with creative decisions. It was a superior series so my guess is that the most of the creative stuff was handled by other studios. Still, if there is any stand-out work in DIC's resume, this is it!


Aug 15, 2018
I think DiC was never a company that cared about the art of animation or the quality of their shows as the company went on. DiC was more like a glorified licensing company than an actual animation studio. Because outside of Inspector Gadget most of the shows they've done were just stuff based on existing IP like Movies, Video Games, Sitcoms, Celebrities, Toys, Rehashes of older cartoons.

I wonder if the execs who ran DiC were like how much cash can we get from companies when we make a half baked cartoon based their properties?

Heck Hanna Barbera at least had standards then what DiC did.
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stephane dumas

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Apr 23, 2006
Two words: Ulysses 31.

DIC was a co-producer. I'm not sure how involved it was with creative decisions. It was a superior series so my guess is that the most of the creative stuff was handled by other studios. Still, if there is any stand-out work in DIC's resume, this is it!
Dic also co-produced the 1st series of the Mysterious Cities of Gold. They used to be a French company leaded by Jean Chalopin before moving to the United States in the mid-1980s.
Nov 20, 2019
I think that this is a right thread to post. While looking at posts on Tv tropes forum (Disney/Pixar forum), I found this interesting comment:

The following comment doesn't have much to do with Disney, but the discussion about Scrooge and Ludwig not interacting for whatever reason reminds me of how in Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats, Heathcliff and Riff Raff never interacted, except for a brief gag in the end credits.

I've never found a solid reason as to why that was (even the reasons given on the Trivia page are unfortunately from unofficial sources), and most of the people from the show I managed to get in contact with either don't remember, or simply say "Dic didn't want them interacting, and nobody questioned it." Scott Shaw himself bluntly said to me once, "Nobody liked working on the show, and nobody cared."

I think the reason that they died is because they had this mentality of not putting love into animation (save for perhaps few) and they should have abandoned it by 2000s or maybe even 1990s, where it became more commonplace that people who work on cartoons, have passion on what they are making.

I think (keyword "think") if Dic never existed, cartoons would be affected by their non existence in that hypothetical universe, because I don't think they left anything of impact (well aside for memes from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario cartoons and few cartoons but only few and generally far between, they had produced over 100 cartoons for 30 something years).


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Mar 17, 2010
The post-DiC shows from Andy Heyward tells me any good stuff from that company was likely from Chalopin in France.


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