Warner Bros. Animation Announces "The Batman"


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May 14, 2001
The Big Apple, NYC
Did some digging up for you 'James Gordon' and found a BUNCH of pics of the toys, and luckily, they're all very clear and are close-up. As promised,
CLICK HERE for the whole gallery. There's about 90 pics in all, so have fun!

Also, here's 2 pics of the Bruce Wayne toy, in it's full glory:

Hope I've helped you. If there's anymore, I'll be sure to try and post it here.


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Dec 1, 2001
Has there been any mention as to if or when other Bat-heroes will be introduced?

I know there needs to be time to develop Batman, but I wonder if there are eventual plans to introduce Robin, Nightwing and whoever(I assume Alfred is in it...).

Hopefully the series will be on long enough to do that!


So that's what Bruce looks like. You can really see the Matsuda influence in his face. He'd fit flawlessly into Jackie Chan Adventures. Thanks alot for the pictures, Batkid. I'm really starting to get a sense of what he'll look like.
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