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Apr 10, 2004
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That's right, YOU! We want YOU! But what do we want in YOU?

Do you like to draw?

Do you like Nickelodeon?

Are you a badass?

If you answered a resounding, "YES, HARLAN. I AM ALL OF THOSE THINGS YOU JUST SAID", then do I have the offer for you! I am offering you, yes YOU, the once in a lifetime offer to take part in the creation of the Nicktoons Nexus!

"...But...but Harlan!" You ask, "What could possibly be formulated on the scale of a multiversal hub while including all of my favorite Nickelodeon animated characters?!"

I'm glad you asked. The newly formed Toonzone Fan Community is undergoing a massive webcomic production to bring all of our favorite Nicktoons together for an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. As our plot relays....

Plot! said:
When Tak, the hideous new girl and down trodden Irken invaderess, gathers the most dastardly villains this side of the multiverse, it can only mean trouble! As the villains begin to merge the universes together in hopes of making them easier to conquer, our beloved heroes traverse this new unfamiliar (and yet oddly familiar) amalgamated landmass in order to set things right! It's a high flying adventure full of mystery, intrigue, hilarity, good versus evil and...baby Zuko!? It's only uphill from here, as the greatest Nicktoon heroes and villains battle it out for the fate of everything, forever!

Now I know what you're thinking, "Harlan, golly gosh! Something like this is too massive for your 'Toonzone Fan Community'!" I'm sorry to say that, you'd be right.

...Until you join us! As an artist, you have the opportunity to draw and expand your style using the various stylistic intricacies and nuances of the Nickelodeon pantheon. A true chance to broaden your horizons and challenge yourself.

And, who are we kiddin', drawing cartoons is just plain fun.

So, what are you WAITING for? You should be there already! Just follow this link and post in the thread, and maybe show us a picture or two. With some hard work, determination, and a tad bit of Lady Luck's affection, you just might get to be a part of the Nicktoons Nexus.

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