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I've taken an interest in learning about voice acting through Voicestarz.

One thing I need to know is even though I live in Scotland, can I still do their online/CDRom classes/training?

I hope I still can learn about voice acting despite my age (20)

Captain Zechs

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This is one of the reasons people get annoyed with you Grant...you make threads when u can search the answer on google...and then u r always complaining about ur age...


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You know, what is the point of making those apologies if you are going to continue to be the same way. You only make threads conserning yourself, and no one else. You dod not change after all , and I actualy thought you would.

Chad Bonin

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Please, PLEASE, use Google or your preferred search engine before asking a question.

Katie Holt

You should watch Hilda
Artimus Gigan said:
He stalked emplyees?!

Holy crap, that could be a serious offence that leads to a criminal record

Grant. Get. Psychological. Help. Now.

I've tried to defend you time and again, but now I'm annoyed to the point of insanity.


...is bored out of her mind.
Artimus Gigan said:
He stalked emplyees?!

Holy crap, that could be a serious offence that leads to a criminal record

Okay, Grant, stop! Go get help...now!

You really need to stop posting these topics about yourself. Listen to the TZers, please. Please search on Google. Sure, there's going to be a lot of sites you'll have to look in, but you'll find what you need.

And sure, you can be a VA. Kids much younger than you are VAs in animated movies (like the voice actor for Chihiro/Sen in "Spirited Away")

Captain Zechs

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That is seriously twisted...Im starting to wonder how someone can be...that obsessed, despite having a syndrome, or whatever. Its just...not possible.

I agree with the others...

Get Help!


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MahouShoujo13 said:
And sure, you can be a VA. Kids much younger than you are VAs in animated movies (like the voice actor for Chihiro/Sen in "Spirited Away")
It was Dakota Fanning, right?

It's better to start older, so that you get used to your current voice. Fanning had to be recast when she hit puberty. At 20, you should be used to your voice, so it'll come easier.

By the way, give up. From what I've gathered, you've got a bit of a reputation. After bugging real VAs for so long, you're probably black-listed. Have you made any real effort? Real effort does NOT mean putting poor voice samples online and posting them all over the place. You want this job for all the wrong reasons. You've said before that you only chose this job after you found out that Video game programming was too hard. People who say they want to be things like programmers, VAs and dubbers tend to be people who like anime and video games, so they deide that it's the career for them. People who program video games should be people who like programming, not video games. People who want to become VAs should be people who like voice acting, not anime. There's more to it than speaking into a microphone, you have to be better than everyone else. VAing is a competitive field.

My adivce: find a diffrent career. Preferrably something that has nothing to do with Anime or video games. You'll become healthier.
Actually, I think it was Daveigh Chase, not Dakota Fanning--although Fanning did get to become the voice of "Lilo" for the recent release of Lilo & Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch.

And, yes, Grant--you need serious help. Your reputation is only going downhill fast.


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I'm going to make a preemptive decision to close this thread. Here's why:

1) The original information being sought was provided by IR Joey.

2) No one is saying anything that they haven't already said a hundred times and I don't believe that they will if the thread remains open.

3) Grant, you've posted about this topic many, many times before, and to be honest, it rarely seems like you're making any progress by doing so. Maybe closing threads about this topic will start to discourage you.

4) While everyone is acting really civil, which is awesome, I believe there are people who can't help themselves and the comments in this thread are likely to turn uglier.

Grant, please listen to what everyone is saying.
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