Voice Casting Decisions That Didn't Come To Be

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For any project in development, it will never 100% turn out as originally envisioned. This can include voice casting decisions that never came to be, whether it's due to wanting to take a character in a different direction or simply trying to find the right voice. That's what this thread is about, casting decisions that almost happened, but didn't. You then voice your opinion on whether you think it for the better or not. I'll give two examples, both involving Yuri Lowenthal on the opposing ends . For the Ben 10 reboot, he was considered to voice 10 year old Ben instead of Tara Strong, but she ended up back in the role while he was cast as Vilgax, and later on, Michael Morningstar. For Spiderman PS4, he almost didn't get to reprise the role of Spiderman, with AJ Locascio as one of the potential candidates.



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I know one story along these lines: Orochimaru from Naruto. Way back in early 2006, Vic Mignogna flew out to LA from Texas to audition for the show because at the time it was the hottest anime property around. Vic auditioned for Orochimaru and apparently was first-choice for the part. However, Vic was still based in Dallas at the time and was not sure he wanted to leave his lucrative relationship with Funimation where he knew they would always have work for him. He passed on working on Naruto (for a few years at any rate), and Steven Jay Blum was brought in to replace him.

Now here is where it gets weird. Vic and Steve had already met on the convention circuit and became friends with each other. Steve had some knowledge of what happened and supposedly Vic gave him his blessing to take the role. Furthermore, Steve's voice for Orochimaru is supposed to be an impression of Vic's audition. So whenever you hear Orochimaru in English, it is essentially Steve Blum doing a stealth impersonation of Vic Mignogna. I think that would surprise a lot of people if they knew that.

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Phil Hartman was originally supposed to voice Zapp Brannigan on Futurama until he died and the role went to Billy West after all. The Philip in Philip J Fry was named after him.


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Before he joined the voice cast of Star Wars Resistance, Christopher Sean auditioned for the role of Keith in Voltron: Legendary Defender before Steven Yeun was cast.


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