Voice actors who did commercial work?

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May 6, 2002
What are some notable commercials featuring voice actors? For example, Daws Butler was the first to play Captain Crunch (and on that note, who voiced his nemesis the Sogmaster? It sounds like it could be either James Avery or Peter Cullen).


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Aug 19, 2021
I have a few:

Most of you should know this one but Billy West as the red M&M in the M&M commercials since the mid-90s
M&M commercials (1990s-2000s)

Rob Paulsen did the voice of Mr. Opportunity in various Honda commercials in the late 2000s.
Honda - Mr. Opportunity (2008)

Maurice LaMarche voiced Toucan Sam in the Fruit Loops commercials in the 1990s.
1990s Fruit Loops Commercial

Frank Welker voiced the Dig'em the Frog and his rival Kitty in the Honey Smacks commercials in the 1990s.
1994 Kellogg's Smacks Commercial

In the mid-to-late 90s, Taco Bell had some Kids Meal commercials where Paulsen voiced the Blue Dog, Eddie Deezen (in his Mandark from Dexter's Lab voice) voiced Nacho the Cat , and Jess Harnell was the voiceover.
Taco Bell Kids Meal Commercial (mid-90s)

Tress MacNellie voiced Wilma Flintstone in a Dove Shampoo commercial in the 2000s.
Hanna-Barbera Dove Shampoo Commercial

Jeff Bennett was the voiceover for much of the Kids WB bumpers in the 1990s
Kids' WB! Bumbers And IDs part 2

On a side note, I've heard Jim Cummings' voice in a few movie trailers/commercials. He also did some of the Kids WB bumpers, using one of his serious voices for one the superhero cartoons (Batman, Superman, etc.).

Mel Blanc in a 1980s American Express commercial. He also voiced the Looney Tunes characters and Barney Rubble in the Fruity Peebles ads in many commercials prior to 1990. His son Noah appeared in a 1989 commercial for Oldsmobile, which was one of the final projects involved Mel as he died later that year.
Mel Blanc American Express Commercial
Oldsmobile - Noel Blanc (1989, USA, EDITED)
1989 Daffy Duck commercial (one of Mel Blanc's final projects)
80's Fruity Pebbles Cereal Commercial 3
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