VHS Trading for KidsWB, Foxbox, and Cartoon Network

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PM me to trade VHS tapes. KidsWB, CN, FoxBox
Aug 8, 2018
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I have 8 VHS tapes from KidsWb, Cartoon Network, and Fox Box from 2003-2008

I'm looking for KidsWb, Cartoon Network, and Fox Box maybe Nickelodeon from around 1995-2008

I have pokemon, sonic x, ed edd eddy, billy and mandy, megaman battle network, awesome commercials, and a bunch of other stuff :)

We can discuss physically shipping VHS tapes that were broadcast only.

Everyone reading this should know that TRADING VHS TAPES IS 100% LEGAL!!! :)
The following is the law for VHS recordings. These are the rules for this post!

1. What is the Sony/Betamax Decision?

The Sony/Betamax decision was decided on January 17, 1984 by the supreme court. It states: "Sale of home videotape recorded held not to constitute contributory infringement of television program copyrights. It was held that the sale of home video tape recorders to the general public did not constitute contributory infringement of copyrights on television programs since there was a significant likelihood that substantial numbers of copyright holders who license their works for broadcast on free [or cable] television would not object to having their broadcasts time-shifted by private viewers and the plaintiff copyright holders did not demonstrate time-shifting would cause any likelihood of non-minimal harm to the potential market for, or the value of, copyrighted works." (Guide to American Law, volume 3, 1983 p 46-7)

All this means is it is LEGAL to tape television programs off the air and that no legal prosecution can happen to manufacturers of video cassette recorders and blank tape as well as the "Home Use" consumer.

2. What is the "Fair Use" exception?

An article in Newsweek (January 30, 1984 p57-8) explains it: Justice Paul Stevens wrote that home taping falls within the traditional "Fair Use" Exception of copyright restrictions.

Studies, he said, demonstrated that most taping was done for "Time-Shifting" recording a program for viewing at a more convenient time. Such taping, he argued, has "no demonstrable effect upon the value of copyrighted work."

However, he drew the line at selling home made tapes. "If the Betamax were used to make copies for a commercial or profit making purpose," declared Stevens, "Such use would be presumptively unfair". This states that time-shifting is "Fair Use" only if the tapes are for personal use and not to make a profit.

3. What does the law say about copying tapes?

The U.S. Code, TITLE 17, article 506 states: "Any person who infringes a copyright willfully and for purposes of COMMERCIAL advantage or private FINANCIAL gain shall be punished as proven in section 2319 of title 18."

This means again, a violation is made when a profit or commercial gain is made. Some copyright lawyers may consider tape trading a commercial advantage.

4. Will the FBI get involved in tape trading?

In a phone interview (conducted 10/31/94) with officer David Grossman, Copyright Squad of the Chicago FBI states "copying videotapes is a violation only if commercial gain is made. We are only involved with major copyright infringement cases, people manufacturing and selling thousands of tapes. We don't get involved in the mon-and-pop, one or two tapes being copied. Video trading for non-profit is not a concern of ours, it's not major enough for us to get involved."

He did also state that there was something that said that only 7 or less copies could be made in a period of 180 days, but wasn't sure if that applies to tape trading or not. This states that the FBI is not concerned with non-profit tape trading but are when thousands of copies are being made and sold. But this wouldn't necessarily prevent them from making examples to discourage others.


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Mar 22, 2002
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This is a borderline gray area, and as such, we're closing this thread. If you see a person saying they have a collection of VHS recordings, feel free to discuss it with them by way of private message.

Thread closed.
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