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"Truth and Justice for all"
Sep 20, 2002
Michigan tower of Justice
Jim, please take good care of yourself and I pray that you have a speedy recovery. This terrific board owes much of it's greatness to you and your hard work . thanks and I'm sure that all of us are pulling for you to get well soon , just get plenty of rest. remember when Batman was told by superman in injustice for all to stay put and get some rest after being bit by Copperhead... just don't be stubborn and go off to fight the whole injustice gang by yourself!
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Kids' Net Coming With a Big Catch DiC almost had their own digital kids network
I know it's late, but the Loud family's Thanksgiving dinner must have been a huge burden on the family toilet
Good day,
I am looking around for some KidsWB recordings preferably in digital with the line ups of code name: kids next door, teen titans, Megaman Nt warrior, pokemon master quest or advanced static shock mucha lucha and Yu gi oh enter the shadow realm willing to trade my collection I will PM if anyone has any of these line ups !
I just noticed something. It looks like Starz Kids and Family and Starz Encore Family is no longer airing shows from the WildBrain library. I'm guessing the rights to those shows must have been expired. They been airing on those channels for almost 5 years.
Anybody remember how stores used to have playable demos in their video game departments? I think Best Buy is the only one that still has them in my area.