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We have some big news that we'd like to share with everyone on the forums. We'll be changing our name from Toonzone to Anime Superhero. We're switching to a name and domain name that more accurately reflects what we cover in our news. We haven't strictly been an animation site in a long time. The home page has featured more Anime, Superhero and Video Game news for years now. This change is catching us up with what our focus has been for a while.

What does this change mean functionally for everyone? The domain name, site name and logo will change. Nothing else is changing for any of our regular community members at all. With the exception of some forum bugs that are still being resolved, the visual refresh is already done. Everything you currently discuss will still be fair game. The existing toonzone.net domain name will automatically redirect all URLs to the new domain when we are done.

Unfortunately, some of those reading this found out about this change through a snafu on the part of the group handling the transition. For that, I am deeply apologetic. That is not how I wanted you to find out about this change. You are important to us and you deserved a proper announcement. Ideally, a little more time to process too, but we're running up against some upcoming deadlines and any transition related bugs need to be worked out in full by then. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We'll find a way to make up the short notice to you.

As part of this upcoming transition, we will be experiencing downtime tomorrow, with QA testing and fixes taking place in the days following. Once the transition is done, we will create a feedback thread and you will be welcome to provide your thoughts there.

I've worked on Toonzone for my entire adult life. I have grown up with some of the community members reading this. I consider some of the people here good friends and even family. I love this place, and I love you guys. I hope you’ll stick with me and with us during this next phase of our weird, but special and amazing extended family.
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