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Speaking of Roger Rabbit, if they ever made a movie or show out of this (not that they ever will) I can totally see Brandy and the other realistically drawn people played by live actors while everyone else is a cartoon.

Also I've talked a lot here about YouTube Poop, which these days is a goldmine for reference humor. It can be hit or miss, especially since the references are getting more and more obscure and dependent on memes and inside jokes. Here's a recent poop that kind of fits (and also has an interactive component!):

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They ran a version of the Bone laundry strip in Disney Adventures in between Out Of Boneville reprints. I'd been wondering why it was titled May The Force Be With You (the whole capitalism rant wasn't in that version).


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Call me weird, but I seem to prefer The Little Mermaid's series more than the trilogy. I also have a AU in development at Post something random where some characters of the series as well as fictional ones are included.
Apparently John K. is FINALLY finished with 'Cans Without Labels'.
I was never a big fan of Hannah Montana, but it had the best brother-sister relationship I have ever seen on TV.
I'll Be making February 2019 Nick Premieres on Tuesday or Thursday.
lots of things might be scheduled ones that include Crashletes, Double Dare (Special & S1 Finale), LSBS (S2 Finale), More Henry Danger and Cousins For Life... Knight Squad (S2 Premiere), The Loud House, SpongeBob, RainbowButterflyUnicornKitty, Sunny Day, Peppa Pig & Lots More...
SPECULATION So, I've decided the only CN originals we could see added to Boomerang this year are Dexter's Laboratory and Codename: Kids Next Door, already among the most requested shows on the platform. Everything else is on CN On Demand through the end of the year or on Hulu, and we may not see those until 2020 at the earliest. This does not include some of the lesser-known CN stuff.