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"University2 Vs. Liberty Meadows: The Cho-Down" Talkback

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Speaking of Roger Rabbit, if they ever made a movie or show out of this (not that they ever will) I can totally see Brandy and the other realistically drawn people played by live actors while everyone else is a cartoon.

Also I've talked a lot here about YouTube Poop, which these days is a goldmine for reference humor. It can be hit or miss, especially since the references are getting more and more obscure and dependent on memes and inside jokes. Here's a recent poop that kind of fits (and also has an interactive component!):

Mysterious H

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They ran a version of the Bone laundry strip in Disney Adventures in between Out Of Boneville reprints. I'd been wondering why it was titled May The Force Be With You (the whole capitalism rant wasn't in that version).