Ultimate Spider-Man Vs the Sinister Six "Return to the Spider-Verse, Parts 1-4" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Aunt May getting involved in the life of a Spider succeeding Peter after his death, and having an emotional reaction to seeing our Peter, rang true, but seeing her as a support staff for a Spider and with her own cave decked out like the Parker household feels like the kind of wacky plot twist that only USM could come up with. Also, I feel bad for Gwen that she needs to have a support staff that tells her what to do, which none of the other Spiders need, while also needing to get by with tech rather then any natural spider-powers :eek:.
Gwen felt like Terry McGinnis with her secret mission control and suit based superpowers.

I think I like the idea of Wolf-Spider, as an evil alternate version of Spider-Man and Peter Parker, better then his actual execution in this arc. I mean, he was in it for so little, and barely managed to succeed in most of his appearances, that they didn't really get to play with the idea of an evil Spider-Man much or really develop him or contrast him against Peter. And why was he called Wolf-Spider? He had more in common with the Superior Spider-Man then he did a wolf, aside from a wolf emblem on his belt, and there wasn't anything particularly wolf-esque about him. Was he meant to be a "wolf in spider clothing?" Did they just pick a name out of a hat for an evil Spider-Man :confused:?
It sounded cool.

So all Spidey needed to do to beat Wolf-Spider was...give everybody a little pep-talk? That's it? I mean, I guess I get where they were going with it, cheesy as it is, with Wolf-Spider getting beaten by the combined heroism of every Spider he absorbed, but it ultimately felt pretty anti-climactic and too quick to me :(.
As lame as this was, I still like this better than Goblin deciding he needed DNA from across the Spider-verse...so he could turn into a mindless spider-monster

So Miles and Rio are just going to hop on over and live in the 616 dimension? They didn't have any friends or a life on their world to keep them there, just each other? Rio doesn't have a problem going to a completely new dimension and looking for a new job and place to live, in New York of all places? Miles isn't worried about school? Or is SHIELD going to foot the bill for all this, like they always do? I get they want to keep Miles in the main Earth, because obviously they want him to keep him as a consistent presence on the show and maybe match the comics as well, but it seems like a bit much to just completely move him and his mom to a whole other universe o_O.

Not to mention, it's not like he gets to be the Spider-Man of Peter's Earth either, because they've saddled him with the stupid "Kid-Arachnid" codename on the main Earth. At least if he stuck around, he could be the Spider-Man to Gwen's Spider-Woman. Heck, if the crime rate has really gone up since Miles' absence, doesn't he have a responsibility to help Gwen take care of that :ack:?
Its kind of sad that Miles and Rio don't have any attachment to their home reality to the point they can just uproot themselves and leave. I know we're not supposed to think it about it, but its still pretty disheartening.

Man, Nick Fury is such a jerk :mad:.
Ha ha. Some joke, Nick. I imagine he spent the entire four-parter convincing Madame Web and Dr. Strange to go along with it. Where's Iron Fist?
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I liked Wolf Spider in the sense that it was at least an attempt to make a new villain for Spider-Man. As far as I know, Wolf-Spider has not appeared in the comics?
Nobody with that name, no, but he was basically the Superior Spider-Man with a different costume and without the caveat (apparently) of having his mind switched with Doctor Octopus :ack:.

Gwen felt like Terry McGinnis with her secret mission control and suit based superpowers.
Marvel is still trying to find their Batman Beyond equivalent for Spider-Man :p.

It sounded cool.
Ah, so Rule of Cool won the day again ;).

Still, you call yourself "Wolf-Spider," people are probably going to just assume you can transform into a wolf instead of just thinking you have a cool name :shrug:.

As lame as this was, I still like this better than Goblin deciding he needed DNA from across the Spider-verse...so he could turn into a mindless spider-monster
Granted, that was also underwhelming, but at least we got a fight out of it with all the other Spiders :cool:.

Its kind of sad that Miles and Rio don't have any attachment to their home reality to the point they can just uproot themselves and leave. I know we're not supposed to think it about it, but its still pretty disheartening.
I find it more disheartening that seemingly no one on these shows, particularly in a Spider-Man cartoon, have lives outside of being Superheroes or helping Superheroes :sweat:.

Ha ha. Some joke, Nick. I imagine he spent the entire four-parter convincing Madame Web and Dr. Strange to go along with it. Where's Iron Fist?
Still dealing with the Incursions outside maybe :confused:?


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Well, my opinion about the last episode is quite simple. Let's see:

+ Nice and touching moment when Peter met his alternative Aunt May. I would have liked to explore this a little more.

+ I have to say, I have a little confusion about this version of Spider-Gwen. She seems a mixture between Ultimate Gwen Stacy and Spider-Gwen. It really surprises me she comes from the same reality than Miles Morales. And seriously, her "powers" comes from technology? I would really want to know more about how she made her suit.

+ I knew Miles would stay, although I didn't know how. Now there are more elements from this reality I would like to see in the main reality of the series. The Spider Nest is really good (much better than Steel Spider's Spider-Cave), and both Gwen and her dad would be interesting supporting characters after all.

+ Speaking of which, this version of Captain Stacy really bugged me. Instead of being the old and wise friendly cop, he looked like a Jerk Jonah Jameson with a Stacy mask. Thank Godness he stopped being such a jerk at the end.

+ What I would really want to know is where the webs get the police those robots. Nobody recognized them? They are the same robots from 2099's reality that Spidey and Miguel O'Hara fought after arriving to that reality.

+ You know?, I have been thinking. Wolf Spider absorbed the life force and the powers of the other Spiders, including Gwen's, even although she didn't have powers. But when the life forces of all Spiders were returned, do you think maybe some of them mixed? That way, if Gwen get a piece of every Spider's power when recovered her own, she could have adquired real Spider powers. Don't you think I can be right?

+ Speaking of Wolf Spider, I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of him. He has been defeated just like Baron Mordo before him, and we know Baron Mordo is going to return for the Halloween Special. So, I think it's quite obvious he will return somehow. Especially because I think he could eventually turn into something like the "Superior Spider-Man", which is a way better alternative that following the same idea from the comics.

+ Finally, for those who want to know, I analyzed the episode very closely and I made a list with all the Spiders that appeared on it. Like it was mentioned before, some of them are actually looks or outfits that the Main Spider-Man got from other episodes in the series. Now, let's check the whole thing about which Spiders appeared here. Let's see:
- Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara): Curiously, his window in the Web was animated, not CGI.
- Spider-Girl (Petra Parker): I think she was trapped in Georgia Washington's Bridge.
- Spider-Noir: He seems back into the old black and white. I hope it was just an animation error.
- Spider-Ham: Something weird here. I recognized this world, but the Spider trapped wasn't Spider-Ham, it was the cartonish version of Spider-Man; or as he call him, "Spider-Monkey". Another animation error around here?
- Spyder Knight: We could see this one clearly, trapped in York's towers or something.
- Blood Spider: Another one clearly saw, but it seemed his world was infested by vampires again.
- Web Beard: Another one we could recognize clearly.
- Webslinger: Another one we could recognize clearly, trapped between cactus in the desert.
- Robo Spider: Cameo. I wish they would have let us explore this reality too.
- Spider Punk: Another simple cameo which reality I would have loved to explore.

- "Iron Spider Hulkbuster": There was a Spider that it was wearing this armour from "Rampaging Rhino". I wonder what kind of world must the one from which he comes.
- "Soldier Spider-Man": There was a Spider wearing the same battle outfit of Spider-Man in "Four Your Eye Only", during Zodiac's invasion.
- "Man-Spider": The six-armed Spider was actually the werebeast that Spider-Man was turned into in the episode "The Savage Spider-Man".
- "Kung Fu Spider": There was a Spider who was wering the same outfit that Spider-Man used in K'un-Lunn, back in the episode "Journey of the Iron Fist".
- "Chibi Spider": It was easy to recognize the form that Spider-Man had most of the comedian times we entered in his imagination, and also the form he get from Loki's spell back in the episode "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man". I'm really scared about what kind of world could this one be.
- "Retro Spider-Man": This one you may didn't recognized it, but it was a Spider-Man from a world that looked like the "Christmas Past" segment from the Christmas special, "Nightmare on Christmas". I recognized the colours and the snown roof where this spider was trapped.
- "Videogame Spider-Man": This is weird, but I think the last one was a Spider-Man from a reality based on videogames; especifically, the first games of Super Mario Bros.

Well, what do you think of this?


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So is Iron Spider going to get his own arc where he Spidey team-up for an adventure and we get to really see their friendship and bond get emphasized?

Scarlet got the bulk of the development in the first half of the season, Agent Venom got the Carnage arc, and Miles has Spider-Verse II, which just leaves Cho as the only Web Warrior without much one-on-one time with Peter aside from that one focus episode with Sandman.

Granted, given how Cho is the only member of the team who's not traditionally a Spider-character, I wouldn't be surprised to see him be left out :sweat:.


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Wow. That was nowhere near as awesome as the past Spider-verse finale. Still it did have some heartwarming moments like having that Aunt May meet our Peter Parker. I guess it was cool seeing Spider Gwen, and it's nice that Miles and his mom are going to be together. Moving into another dimension will be an interesting experience for either of them, that we'll likely never see.

Overall, this was a tad disappointing. The highlights were seeing Spider-Gwen, Mr. Fix-It, and Howard the Duck in a bigger role instead of a small cameo. Wolf Spider was a weak villain, mainly because he only had two appearances where he did anything important, out of three!
All in all, I feel this arc could've been longer. Heck, half a season could be dedicated to multiverse hopping. We didn't even go to the one with the giant mech!

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Pretty good episode. I thought it was interesting how they added Spider-Gwen to Miles' home dimension, it was a nice surprise and did kind of explain how that world has been affected by their Spider-Man disappearing. They didn't really bring much of her comic book self into the story but I liked what we got. She was a pretty good character which added some more fun to the episode and had some neat interactions with the others. Plus a nice dynamic with her father, which sadly they rushed through and while it did get a happy ending it just didn't have that big of an impact.

Spidey meeting this dimension's Aunt May was much more emotional. I liked that, it was a pretty touching scene. It was also an interesting angle to add to the episode. May being Gwen's mentor so to speak was a weird idea but I think they made the best of it. Miles being reunited with his mom was handled pretty well too, but their decision to just leave their world to live in Spidey's dimension was just weird. It didn't make much sense and they pretty much glossed over their reasoning but I get they were trying to keep up the family theme going on and probably didn't want to write out Miles completely from the show.

Wolf Spider was a decent villain but his true identity was predictable enough. His plan was also kind of generic but it did lead to some exciting moments. He was defeated easily enough, again in a pretty predictable way but I wouldn't be surprised if he popped up again later on. Still, I kind of liked him as a villain. He was only really interesting in his first appearance but I thought the rest wasn't that bad either. Hopefully if he does show up again he will get a better role. I also liked the cameos of all the other alternate versions of Spidey. It's too bad some were only kept as these brief appearances and didn't get full-out adventures, that would have been cool.

Overall, this was a fun arc. The selection of guest-Spiders and villains was pretty good. I thought the story moved along nicely and had a more unique premise, so I would probably rank it a little higher than the previous Spider-Verse story, even if there was some disappointing stuff in it.