Twinkle the dream being


It's time to change.
This is my last thread in toonzone. so before i leave i need your help for the last time.

There's this cartoon that i been wacthin since 1995 called "Twinkle the dream being". It's been airing in puertorico on weekends spanish dubbed. is called Rayito el mago de los deseos.

I been lookin for some detailed info on this show and i can't find any. I wanna know more about this cartoon. According to the copyright is from 1993. some of u may not remenber it because it isn't that famous.

The spanish ending song was like this:
Ohh!! el mago de los deseos que te complacera!!
Cierra los ojos! Pide un deso y veras!(Que el llegara!)
Sin tardar!(te ayudara!)
Es Rayito! Rayito!

In english would be somethin like this:
Ohh!! The dream being that would make your wishes come true!
Close your eyes! Make a wish and you will see(He will come!)
he is Twinkle! Twinkle!
Hope anyone can help me


OK, here's all the info I have:

It aired in syndication from 1993-94.
It was produced by Calico, and distributed by Bohbot Entertainment.
Tress MacNeille was the voice of Twinkle.

Jeff Lenburg's Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons has more information about it.


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