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Mar 11, 2005
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Have you ever heard of the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz? It's a podcast that covers the behind-the-scenes work on iconic sounds ranging from voice acting to sound effects to music and everything in-between.

The podcast just uploaded a 2-part special on the legacy of Mel Blanc. The first part delves into his unique genetics that made his type of voice extremely rare and how that made him successful. The second part talks about the tragic incident that ruined his life. All the while, both episodes include interviews and anecdotes from popular voice actors (including his own proteges) who were influenced by him, and even a rare recorded conversation between Blanc and Bob Bergen.

Part 1 - "What's Up, Doc?"
Part 2 - "That's All Folks"

Aside from these two episodes, I highly recommend checking out the entirety of this fantastic podcast.


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Jun 27, 2007
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The second part talks about the tragic incident that ruined his life.
Is it the car accident he was in when he was in The Flintstones, or was it something that led to when we lost him in 1989 (when Jetsons: the movie was being made)? Or maybe it was something else?...


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