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I realize now it's a guide for only two channels. And sometimes they aired the same thing (the same sports game).

And no Thanksgiving Parade coverage yet? I thought they would've started that by now.
This was around two years before KGW began broadcasting. I assume that airing the same game was because of the limitations of television in some regions at the time.

The absence of the parade must be due to distance issues, this was around the the Bing Crosby's shows started to air on timezone delays to the rest of the country.

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Sep 24, 2003
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You don't know what Junior Achievement is? They still have it. It's still what the ad said -- a school program that teaches children about business.

The name "soap opera" didn't exist yet, so they called them "dramatic serials." They ended up being called soap operas because they were sponsored by soap.


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Sep 15, 2006
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I just got home from the flea market. Part 8 will be especially interesting for those wondering where TV Guide is in Portland. I'll start on these soon. I have to play Mario Is Missing for the NES, which I also got at said flea market.


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