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Peter Paltridge

Ay Carumba
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Sep 24, 2003
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Stars Hollow
So many repairmen. Were TVs so cheaply made that they were breaking this fast? None of the tubes in the area could be that old.

You likely already know that until the 1980's it was common practice to rename network shows that entered syndication.

"Pig'n Bun." What an awesome name for a restaurant. I wonder if it morphed into Pig'n Pancake.


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aegisrawks wrote on Light Lucario's profile.
Hey Lady Lucario! Long time no see! How is life treating ya?
I like that Delta Rune doesn't even try to conceal it's creepy subtext. Just tosses it right at you from the start.
am i the only one who notices the change, while nobody else does?
RIP Stan Lee, the legendary Marvel creator.
Happy Veterans Day to all the brave men and women in service. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.