Try Merging Names of CN Shows to Create Amusing Titles

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Based on this 2007 thread:

My favourites from those were these two:

  • Camp Whatever Happened to Samurai Mike, Lu, 'n Eddy Bravo's Cowardly Powerpuff Home for Imaginary Grim Adventures of Cow and Chicken Weasel's Laboratory in the Big City Next Door
  • Dexter's Odessey: Cow and Chicken meet Johnny Bravo and The Powerpuff Girls where Mike, Lu, Ed, Edd, Og, n' Eddy move to the Big City where the unaired pilot of The Sheepish Adventures of Billy and Mandy Con Carne Starring Robot Jones Next Door to the Kids who have machines similar to Megas XLR in a House that could hold Imaginary Friends as well as Puffy AmiYumi's mega-concert shown at Camp Lazlo's Class of 3000 Monkeys in a Gym Chapter One: Juniper Lee VS. Ben 10: The Battle that I.R. Proud of
Unfortunately, the second one forgot to make a reference to Courage the Cowardly Dog. Got any titles like these with eleven more years' worth of CN original programming?

Mr HooPoe

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CN greenlit the producer's most absurd idea and immediately took it back, claiming that it had a too high budget and low foreign appeal.


Whatever Happened to the Marvelous Life and Times of Foster's Secret Camp of Cowardly Samurai Kids Next Door of the Creek in the City
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