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TBH, since this is the final season, I think they're just fast-blasting through it to get rid of it. But yeah, I see what you mean.

EDIT: 3/13

Now that I've watched all four parts, I'm very conflicted. On one hand, I do appreciate that we essentially got a giant war scene, which I do wish we got more in Transformers cartoons. None of the actual action scenes were particularly impressive, but the thought was nice.

But is it just me, or is the war hampered by the fact that the usual Optimus/Megatron rivalry seems so one-sided here? Like, normally they're evenly matched, but Optimus seemed to really outclass Megatron here.

Also, no offense to Bumblebee, but his sub-plot, IMO, didn't work as well, and seemed to mostly take away screentime from the war. And the Drift plot twist didn't have the impact that I think the writers thought it would.

BUT, if Hot Rod is really dead, I'll commend them for the gutsy move.

Bludgeon was kinda wasted, though. After his season 2 moment, I figured he would have a bigger role later.

On the bright side, while I did complain about Optimus outclassing Megatron to such a high degree, I will admit that I love to see Optimus clean shop. Love how he just smacked the shark and even Soundwave away, and then convinces Shadow Striker to just give up when he glares at her. Pretty boss of him.
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Four new episodes dropped on CN's website. Reviews below, spoilers ahead:

Transformers: Cyberverse "The Sleeper"

Whirl getting freed was a pleasant surprise. Although this version of Optimus is pretty dumb.

I think it's really cool that Clobber considers Hot Rod her friend. I'm wondering how all of this will be resolved.

Excellent episode. ****.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The Citizen"

Cool origin story for Maccadam.

"We're gonna wake up this Titan." Oh, Hot Rod. You've learned nothing, have you?

I thought the unexplained teaser was boss.

Decent but not great. ***.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The Trial"

I love how this season has been starting most of their teasers in the middle of some random unexplained action scene.

Out of all of the Transformers to wake up, Soundwave is in my bottom four of the worst ones to do so (along with Megatron, Starscream, and Shockwave). Bad times ahead.

The scene with Hot Rod and the Quintesson is an homage to the trial scene from the lousy animated movie from 1986. If he had said "I have nothing but contempt for this court!” I would have rolled my eyes.

I love the idea that Bumblebee refuses a red paint job because he’d be confused for Cliffjumper. That’s a meta joke about the cheapness of the toys.

The Multiverse makes me wonder if this show is going to cross over with other Transformers properties. I would not sneer at a foray into the Aligned continuity.

Solid, but Soundwave is bad news. ****.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The Prisoner"

I knew Soundwave would be trouble. But it sounds like he’s not doing so good either.

I love how apologetic Clobber is to Hot Rod over being ordered to kill him. They are friends, and Hot Rod proves it by calling a truce to save Soundwave. But he probably should have taken Clobber and Dead End’s advice and left him for the Quintessons.

Look forward to meeting the Scientist.

Good episode. ***1/2.

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Transformers: Cyberverse "The Scientist"

We got an origin story for Laserbeak? Who'da thunk it? It's interesting Soundwave captured him from a flock of robot birds. Cybertron is one weird planet.

I found the idea that the Scientist collects Soundwaves from various Universes irresistible. Why? Because Soundwave is LITERALLY the most collectible of all the toys. Literally, other toys can fit inside him which makes him a must-buy. I don't buy as many Transformers as I used to, but whenever I see a version of Soundwave on the shelf, I'm more likely to pick him up than any other character.

The Scientist being unkillable was great because we were treated to seeing Soundwave and Hot Rod murdering him in various and progressively more gruesome ways. That was fun.

Soundwave and Hot Rod dap at the end. It really IS the end of the world.

This show is so freaking solid. It amazes me the lack of exposure it's gotten. ****1/2.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The Alliance"

That didn't wow me.

First of all, I'm wondering why the season was subtitled Bumblebee when the show is clearly no longer about him. The focal point character is now Hot Rod. Calling the show Bumblebee would have made sense in the first season. Not this one.

Second of all, the show did something unforgivable which ultimately reminded me starkly of how cheap and slapdash the current generation of Transformers cartoons actually are. They reference The Touch without licensing the music, which borders on criminal. I don't even LIKE that song, but I hate whenever a show does a reference or parody to a famous song and uses a tinny soundalike. And The Touch, as bad as it is, is one of the most famous things about the Transformers franchise. Hey, it's not a GOOD thing to be famous for, but if you are going to pay homage to it, you need to do it right. And truthfully that scene did not actually need that homage to work, and because the homage fell flat because of the soundalike, the scene and ultimately the episode did too.

I find Soundwave's new role as peacemaker very interesting, which is one of the neat things about an entirely new continuity. You can explore things with different characters the audience would never expect to see. And that's a selling point for starting over from scratch.

Do you know what isn't? The series being so cheap they can't license the proper music, or even have ANY of the iconic voice actors at ALL reprise ANY of the roles. I think Cyberverse is a step up in quality from Robots In Disguise and Prime Wars Trilogy. But on another level, I also miss the fact that both of those projects actually put in the effort and budgets to get a lot of the big names to play the characters. Neither held a candle to Transformers Prime. But I feel this and the latest Rescue Bots show, as well as the upcoming Siege are doing a disservice to the franchise for exclusively hiring outside actors for every role. I don't even object to the idea of hiring different name actors for the various roles. Steve Blum was an excellent Starscream. He'd probably make an interesting Optimus Prime. And I think Tom Kenny would be a pretty good Wreck-Gar. But the franchise's new cartoons all hire New York actors often simply to mimic the famous performances rather than putting up the money to hire the famous performer. Transformers has never been a project known for breaking budgets. But the one legit good thing the lousy series and movie had going for it was the voice acting. They literally nabbed Orson Welles in his final humiliatingly bad role. I don't like how this franchise is stepping down in acting quality.

Oh well. I might not have even complained if The Touch homage hadn't landed with such a thud. **1/2.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The Judge"

Well, that sets a lot of conflict up for the future. I think the biggest thing I am excited for and dreading is Megatron traveling to and attempting to conquer other Universes. On a show with a budget that was actually trying, that could potentially be a loving Valentine to the franchise, and explore the Universes of the Original Series, Animated, and the Aligned Continuity, among others. Because the show only hires no-name actors, I am less excited than I should be.

Did I mention the show was done on the cheap? It's interesting that animation techniques have progressed enough that the climax done on such an obviously low budget looks so good. The animation itself looks a bit choppy and not distinguished. And yet, it's boarded like a big budget animated film. I think a lot of CGI animated films, particular those by Dreamworks and Blue Sky, are a bit unnecessary. But the fact that there have been so many is good in the sense that it's upped the entire animation industry's game simply by showing everyone the correct way to board an animated action sequence. You could not get that scene fifteen years ago, especially not on a show with this small a budget.

Starscream being the judge was the definition of a wrinkle when the Bots least needed one. I am also aware that the Ioconus threat has not been properly dealt with. There are a lot of balls still juggling in the air, and none of them spell good news for the Autobots.

I could believe and see them killing off Wheeljack. Simply because the franchise does it more often than most of the other projects. I actually think that's a bad thing and overkill, but I cannot deny the stakes are bigger and more unpredictable for that.

Another solid episode. ****.

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Transformers: Cyberverse "The End Of The Universe I"

Using Kup to frame the story was an interesting choice.

Starscream really is a traitor to our universe

I liked the first part. ****.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The End Of The Universe II"

I just realized something odd about Windblade's design. She seems to have breasts. That strikes me as a bit weird.

It was a good episode though. ***1/2.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The End Of The Universe III"

I feel ripped off we didn't get to see Maccadem take down those Sharkticons. I get that was the joke, but it wasn't actually funny, and was a missed opportunity. Have we actually been allowed to see what Maccadem transforms into? If not, it would be hard to sell a toy version of him.

Love the way Wheeljack figured out how to take out the scientist.

Pretty good. ***1/2.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The End Of The Universe IV"

That was so awesome. The battles were tight and Megatron coming out of nowhere to save the day with his big hero moment was quite excellent. And he has a Matrix of Leadership! I want to know the story of where's he's been and where he got that.

I love Optimus telling Megatron all of Cybertron was in his debt and distastefully asking him how he would make them pay for it. Same old Optimus. This is why we can't have nice things.

I ultimately didn't see why the story was told by Kup.

With the Quintessons gone is that the last we've seen of the Multiverse? Weak! Huge missed opportunity to cross over with other Transformers properties.

In my opinion that was the best episode of the series (at least so far). *****.
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Transformers: Cyberverse "Enemy Line"

Man, I didn't like that.

Clobber was being nice and friendly and Bumblebee repaid her by violating the treaty. Optimus saying the Decepticons were holding an Autobot prisoner was b.s... Windblade wasn't a prisoner. She was a patient Slipstream saved when she didn't have to. It's amazing the Autobots are the ones overstepping their bounds and risking war for no good reason. It's also interesting Megatron lets it slide. I would not have in his place. I'm not saying I would have gone to war over it. But I would have raised a stink instead of accepting Optimus' bogus false equivalency.

Also I think the show is badly written for having Optimus thinking that it was easier making decisions during wartime. Because the decisions asked of him were actually easy. I think much less of him that he is unable to handle trivial matters. I don't find it relatable that Optimus is having trouble in peacetime. I find it stupid. What's amazing is that the franchise has always portrayed Optimus as the most level-headed and fair-minded character out of everybody. He should be a natural diplomat and absolutely the right personality for a peacetime leader. He should excel at this. And this is not the first Transformers show to suggest he sucks at it, which tells me the franchise doesn't understand its most important character at all, or even what the role of a leader during peacetime is or should be. It's super annoying to give the one character who should not have this specific flaw this flaw. I might have let it slide if this was the first project to suggest it. I'd think it was dumb, but I'd think the fact that it should be unusual and counterintuitive to his personality interesting on its own if it's just the once. Instead I just think the guy is incompetent deep down. And I don't like thinking that about Optimus Prime. All things considered, outside of Transformers Prime, I have never truly cared about this franchise. But Optimus' nobility was a definite selling point in every incarnation. And I'm a little bit annoyed that the later series refuse to give the character his due about that sort of thing.

Although in fairness to both the Aligned Continuity and the Prime Wars Trilogy, Optimus was never portrayed as absolutely incompetent as this, even if he was uncomfortable in peacetime. This show doesn't just feed into Optimus' worst character trait more than ever before. It's worse about it than every previous project as well.

Bad episode. *.

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Transformers: Cyberverse "Alien Hunt! With Meteorfire And Cosmos"

As a kid, Cosmos was one of the best Transformers toys. Simple, inexpensive, and with a great color scheme and design. And it's disappointing later remakes never bothered with the character. I'm not fond of this show's take of him as a little kid, and possibly a female little kid, but at least he's being used.

Meteorfire is the robot Crocodile Hunter. That's not a compliment.

Cameo from a Blurr ghost.

That was all right. The show has done better but it's also done worse. ***.

Transformers: Cyberverse "Journey To The Valley Of Repugnus"

The Transformers take on class warfare. And it's about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face. But it's a kiddie toon. Nuance is not required.

In fact, I found the sci-fi moral neat and clever in the same way Bele and Loki and The Sneetches are. Maybe not as memorable as either of those. But sort of clever in its own right.

I liked this. ****.

Transformers: Cyberverse "Wild, Wild Wheel"

Anyone who turns up their nose at a robot cowboy is too cynical to be watching cartoons.

I don't see how Wild Wheel can possibly blame Optimus for what happened to him, but if there is one thing in common with revenge stories it's that the motive is usually actually stupid.

Wild Wheel says he's a good shot. He's not. He fires several times at Optimus and misses. While the dude is standing right in front of him.

Was this the first time the show has portrayed drawings of humans? It might actually be.

Dumb and fun. The way robot cowboys should be. ***.

Transformers: Cyberverse "Thunderhowl"

Optimus is NOT a great welcomer.

Robot unicorn. Neat.

A lit-up Chromia racing a crystal double of herself in a green crystal maze reminded me greatly of TRON. Although I suspect that was the homage they were going for.

Solid. ***1/2.

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Transformers: Cyberverse "Rack N' Ruin N' Ratchet"

Let me get this straight. All is quiet on the Decepticon front so Optimus believes that must mean Megatron is up to something. Here's an opinion: On this show, between Optimus Prime and Megatron, Optimus is the bad guy in their relationship.

I love Soundwave and Slipstream giving Rack'N'Ruin, who is so dumb even his name is stupid and misspelled, the all clear to check out the Decepticon secret base. Because they were just as curious about it as he was. Interestingly, because of the sympathetic turns for each of those characters earlier in the season, when they confront Astrotrain, you are totally on their side. There are levels of Decepticon evil and Slipstream is not all bad, and this show shocked me by also making that true of freaking Soundwave. And I kind of love the show for that.

It was certainly an interesting episode with a lot of moving parts. ***1/2.

Transformers: Cyberverse "Dweller In The Depths"

I don't like the idea that Optimus has to destroy Megatron's Matrix of Leadership. Where is the nuance? I hate that about this franchise and the better installments have more ambiguous morals and story turns.

Maccadem being Alchemis Prime means nothing to me because I've never heard of that character before.

I'm a little sick of Windblade being the damsel in distress. Does the show not get how bad that makes its most prominent female character look?

The Mistress of Flame continues to be the weirdest name for a Transformer ever.

Didn't like this. **.

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Now that all the episodes are On Demand, and now that I've finished them all, I can safely say that season 3 of Cyberverse was the best season of the show, and while that may not be saying much, I genuinely enjoyed most of it, especially once the majority of the characters got captured. Like season 2, it was kinda odd that the final quarter of the show almost went back to an episodic nature, until the very, very end. The final two episodes were a bit rushed, but with the episode runtime, I guess there wasn't any time for an epilogue.

As for the show as a whole? Ultimately, I unfortunately wasn't very impressed. I think the episode runtime played a big part in that; it just doesn't work as well for an action show compared to a sitcom type show. And whole he got better, season 1 Bumblebee was annoying enough that it hurt my perception of him for the rest of the show.

You can make the case that it eventually surpassed Robots in Disguise, which had a stronger beginning before fizzling out. BUT, RiD did a better job at fleshing out the supporting cast. Animation wise, I'd say they're on par.

Not to be a total wet blanket, season 3 really did improve on the show, Optimus is great as always, and I really grew to like Soundwave and Hot Rod in later episodes.

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Is "Dweller in the Depths" the first time that any TF show has reused the title from a previous incarnation of a show (in this case, reusing the title from a G1 episode)?

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Transformers: Cyberverse "Silent Strike"

That was a pretty great episode. The teaser was intriguing, Megatron calling in his debt when he did was amazing (I had totally forgotten Optimus owed him) and the cliffhanger was excellent. The only downside is I can't see how they can possibly wrap all of this up satisfactorily in 11 minutes.

We'll see how it shakes out in 11 minutes. ****1/2.

Transformers: Cyberverse "The Other One"

Yeah, no. Not a good ending. We never learned if our Megatron survived (which sucks and I hope he did) and everything felt rushed. I know the show is 11 minutes long, but it could have spent some earlier episodes exploring this arc instead of doing random nonsense of the week.

I cannot recommend that series finale on any level. It's not so bad that it ruins the entire show in hindsight the way TMNT 2012 or Avengers: Black Panther's Quest's endings did. But it definitely weakened my opinion of it greatly.

Do you messed up thing? I loved the finale to the Prime Wars Trilogy. Also 11 minutes long, but attached to a show that mostly sucked. If a show that underwhelming can do a decent enough ending for me to look back on it fondly, a decent show should be able to do the same thing. It's not too much to ask. *.

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Season two premiered here on May 1st on Netflix and YouTube. (although some episodes were on YouTube before that, but not episode 201, which was geoblocked)

The second half of season two was very good :)
Like season one, the first episodes were "meh" (the Starscream plot has become stale, in my opinion) and then it gets better. I liked the "Autobot adventures in space" approach. They could make an entire series about it.

Hasbro forgot to geoblock season 3 on YouTube :D


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Seems like we're getting more Cyberverse animated content - specifically, two TV movies. Apparently, Megatron-X will be returning.

IMO, this is actually good news, since I thought the show had a rushed ending.
I wasn't expecting movies, but that's cool :).
Having read the synopsis,
I wonder if the other Dinobots will have the same intellectual/brute split as Grimlock?
I wonder if they'll retcon it that they were with Grimlock after he crash landed on Earth, they just got separated.


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