TOTS (Disney Junior Show) News And Discussion Thread

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Jan 5, 2014
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In 2019, we have an upcoming Disney Junior show called TOTS (short for Tiny Ones Transfer Service), which is created by Vampirina writer Travis Braun. The description, which I will paraphrase, is as follows:

"TOTS is about best friends Pip and Freddy, a tenacious penguin, and a kind hearted flamingo, the only non-stork delivery birds at the titular company. The duo must take tender care of the animal babies they're delivering, and make sure they get to their families safely."

Besides Travis himself, the staff also includes Victor Cook (whose only other Disney Junior show is various Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes in seasons 1-early season 2) as executive producer and director, Chris Gilligan (supervising director for Goldie And Bear) as co-executive producer and supervising director , and Guy Toubes (showrunner for The Stinky And Dirty Show) serving as story editor.

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