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May 9, 2013
Snow Way Out: Great episode. Courtney's "snow-person" comments were annoying but the episode was still great. Leave it to Owen on being annoying. At least he redeemed himself in a fantastic way in the end. Bridgette is still such an adorable character. I think this is the first time she's been seen angry in this series. I was expecting poor Lenny to be killed off like the fish (a running gag with the class pets). So I'm glad that didn't happen.
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May 9, 2013
Stay Goth: This was a very good episode. We got so much emotion out of Gwen that wasn't all dark and gloomy. Felt like we got some of the original Gwen's personality. The writers should really consider lowering this Gwen's level of gothness. She was so much better here than in Tiger Fail.
I also like how we got some focus on Izzy too. She's been kind of a background character lately.


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Mar 26, 2018
Stay Goth : That was a fun episode always like to see different elements to goth characters more than just the standard. Had some fun laughs too.

Also, I need to watch this show more.


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Oct 11, 2016
Next week's promo:

The way those aliens infected them reminded of that alien episode from Dexter's Lab where aliens infected Dexter's family in a similar way. "Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind" is the name of that episode. This is not the first time the show made a reference to Dexter's Lab. In the episode "Inglorious Toddlers" Izzy made a DeeDee impression.


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Apr 12, 2016
New episodes of Total Dramarama continues but no new episode on Saturday April 13th and they change the premiere schedules now they joined the 5,6,7 block starting on Monday April 15th at 5:00 PM
Cartoon Network Sprouts Fresh Crop of Episode Premieres for April | Animation Magazine

Total Dramarama
April 6: "The Never Gwending Story" When Chef loses the last page of the story-time book, Gwen takes over and creates a monster that all the kids start to believe in.

April 15: "There Are No Hoppy Endings" Chef struggles to maintain his sanity when the kids continue to blame a stuffed rabbit named Hoppy for everything they do wrong.

April 22: "Too Much of a Goo’d Thing" Beth refuses to believe that the adorable goo creature she’s created out of slime is consuming the kids until she and Gwen are the only two left in class.

April 29: "The Price of Advice" After a paper origami fortune teller tells Izzy she’s the world’s best advice giver, she’s determined to prove it.


Nov 7, 2004
Both From Badge To Worse, All Up In Your Drill, Stay Goth, Poodle Girl, Stay Goth, and Invasion of the Booger Snatchers were sweet/funny,

Courtney's major focus great/funny.
Duncan/Courtney not really friends hardly, hehehe.
Courtney wanting to have a Courtney statue for getting the most badges for her ego is funny, hehehe:p.
Gwen's major focus was awesome/funny, so a fan of my Little Gwen:anime:.
Courtney using Gwen to be her friend was great/clever.
Courtney/Gwen scaring the kids exposing their worst fears was funny, hehehe.
Courtney deserved it at the end, hahahahaha.

Fire Chief Blaze, great minor female character.
Duncan's Power Ranger-like dream was funny.
Courtney taking her bossiness too far being the Fire Chief annoying the kids was so funny, hahahahaha:p.
Chef rolling was funny, hahahahaha.
Nice from Duncan to want Courtney to lighten up.
Duncan wanting the fire hat to take over despite not knowing about Fire Safety, but he's trying.
Harold/Izzy's stupidities to cause a fire hazard:rolleyes2:.
Great save from Courtney.
Courtney back to her controlling bossiness at the end, hehehe.

Gwen's next major focus was awesome, love it.
Cool seeing Kid Geoff's cameo at the slot machine:D, the other Total Drama characters will come.
Gwen used to be a cheerful girl before being a dark mean creepy goth sociopath brat makes her so awesome/interesting:D.
Izzy sleeping in weird places is so funny, hehehe, love Izzy's moments.
Gwen's soft side/emotions loving Princess Penelope was sweet, Gwen's sweet character development.
Izzy terrible with toys, yikes:eek:.
Gwen saving Princess Penelope from Izzy was great.
Gwen thinks the kids will make fun of her, I'm glad they didn't.
So funny with Gwen at the end, hahahahahaha.

The kids having Picture Day was sweet, both Beth, Izzy, Courtney, and LeShawna look cute, a shame Gwen is not there, rats.
The evil little worm aliens, my favorite best funny minor villains:D.
The little worm aliens' evil plan while brainwashing Chef/the kids was great, but going in their nostrils was sick.
The kids/Chef to deal with aliens/supernatural monsters makes it awesome/enjoyable:D.
Harold protecting himself was funny, hehehe.
Duh Harold, Izzy is awesome.
Harold/Izzy to save the day beating the evil little worm aliens saving the kids/Chef was great/funny.
Funny "here we go again" ending, one more evil little worm alien, hahahahaha:p.

Double new episodes of Total DramaRama coming Saturday March 30, 2019 is awesome.
Moving it to Mondays at 5:00 PM is so a dumb move, it's doing great on Saturdays.
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May 9, 2013
Wristy Business: Definitely better than last week's but Beth is still a disgusting character. What made this one enjoyable was all of Gwen's scenes. She was hilarious. This is Leshawna's second time playing a villainous role. Ironic since she always clashed with Heather for her antagonistic attitude.


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May 9, 2013
Melter Skelter: Beth continues to show why she's the worst character of the series. She has no heart and was completely selfish. It served her right that she never got to enjoy the toy she wanted Chef to get.

The Never Gwending Story: I'm so glad this episode didn't go into Gwen tormenting the others for the entire episode and not getting some comeuppance for it. I loved her reaction when she thought her made-up monster became real, it was adorable.

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