Toonzone Talkback: Review: “Tenchi In Tokyo” Finds The Friend You Didn’t Know You Had

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Eh...when I began watching Tenchi, I tended to avoid this series. My big issue at the time is its closure, that the Tenchi Family had to break up, that Tenchi had to leave the gang, etc. As a result, I was like 'don't watch/never happened.' It helped that this series was yet another in the Tenchi multiverse with different aspects that separated it from being a real sequel to the OVA or earlier TV series and movies (most particular alteration being that TinT Tenchi is not of any Juraian descent). That way, I could accept as one possible future, but not the main one. I did eventually watch the series, but I still felt it was the weakest.

The rest of the Tenchi girls suffered from character assassination. Ayeka's slightly biatchy personality (which only occurred when Ryoko was concerned) was multiplied to the point that she's not above stealing from her own sister, treating her hosts Nobuyuki and Grandpa like crap, and making Ryo-oki a scapegoat for her own mistakes.The competent Kiyone was rendered as accident-prone as Mihoshi. And Sasami had a nasty point as well. This assassination I suppose was to make the new girl Sakuya look SO much better by comparison.

Tenchi's character also weakened. In the OVA and TV series, he was shown to be a capable person who can handle his own fights. Here, he's relegated to damsel-in-distress, always needing one of the girls to save his butt (and things will get worse with Tenchi Muyo In Love 2/Forever, where he gets brainwashed and raped). I seem to understand that the 3rd OVA got Tenchi his OWNING groove back.

It's interesting that the OVA Manatsu No Eve was made around the same time and used elements of the same plot, but treated its characters with more respect (especially Ayeka).

That said, I think the best part was the villainess Yugi, with her plan to break up the family.


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