Toonzone Picks: The Top Disney Animated Shows of the 2010's!

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May 24, 2001
I can't remember.
I wrestled with it (and even broke out some UFC), but I managed to figure out my favorite Disney cartoons of the decade.

10...yeah, I couldn't think of a '10', but the list'd be naked at '9', I think.
9. Sofia the First - It's cute. What can I tell you?
8. Hotel Transylvania - I was (and continue to be) thrown off by the fact that Mavis is Star Butterfly...and I'm not saying that she's like Star Butterfly; she is Star Butterfly. Still, I think the episodic format works for a character like that. The show's kind of like cotton candy; light, airy, sweet, not too demanding.
7. Amphibia - Haven't seen too much of this, but the show strikes me as having a Gravity Falls vibe without ripping it off outright, a very fine line to tread.
6. DuckTales - I'm worried that the show wants to move too far from the original, but it's pretty decent, so far.
5. Pickle and Peanut - As good an imitation of Regular Show as one could ask for.
4. Ultimate Spider-Man - Started kind of shaky, but grew into a pretty fun show, with a terrific performance from Drake Bell at the center.
3. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Easily the best Marvel cartoon series of the decade; a strong mix of action, humor and plotting.
2. Tangled - Even now, we must face the truism that not every Disney cartoon based on a movie hits the mark. This show, on the other hand, is just about perfect. A show that feels like a natural continuation of the movie and grows out of it in clever and affecting ways (I'm still amazed that they pulled off an aspect that feels like it could've come from a lame fanfic).
1. Gravity Falls - Really, what else could top this list? Hilarious, touching, creepy...sometimes all of them in the same scene. Not sure what else there is to say.
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Jan 10, 2015
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1. Gravity Falls
2. Amphibia
3. Wander Over Yonder
4. DuckTales (2017)
5. Big City Greens
6. Star vs. the Forces of Evil
7. Milo Murphy's Law
8. Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
9. Big Hero 6: The Series
10. Pickle and Peanut

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May 11, 2007
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1. Tangled: The Series: I'm still amazed at this series. I didn't think that Tangled would work well as a series, but this is easily the best Disney animated series based on one of their movies that I've seen. It's such a good and natural continuation from the movie's ending. Despite knowing that at least the movie characters are going to turn out fine, they managed to make a really engaging mystery with Rapunzel's hair, which is really impressive. I absolutely adore Rapunzel and Eugene's relationship. Their relationship is so healthy and neither one of them ever feel like just the boyfriend or girlfriend. While their relationship is extremely important for both of them, they also have other important relationships and dynamics with other characters. The pacing is all around pretty good, most of the new characters are likable/interesting and it can become quite emotional and intense. I already liked the Tangled movie, but seeing the series just made me love and appreciate it even more. I'm also extremely happy to see this series on quite a few other lists. It's so underrated and deserves a lot more attention.

2. Gravity Falls
: This was definitely one of the stand out series from Disney Channel in recent memory. The characters are fun, the humor is solid and it can be both creepy and heartwarming all at once. It really deserves all of its praise.

3. DuckTales: This is a really fun series. It's one of the few remakes in recent years that hasn't led to a lot of backlash, at least as far as I'm aware. I like that Huey, Dewey and Louie have more distinct personalities than they've had before, Webby is a lot of fun and there are plenty of heartwarming moments. I like seeing the cast grow closer as a family and Delia's return was just so wonderful too. While I do like the series, I also feel like it's a tad overhyped, but I think part of that is because this and Gravity Falls are the main Disney Channel series that get the most attention. It is still an all around fun series that has some good emotional moments to make it all worthwhile.

4. The Lion Guard: I absolutely love The Lion King. It was the first Disney movie I saw in theaters and the first hobby that I can remember really getting into. So I was thrilled when they announced The Lion Guard. I liked the basic premise, most of the main cast were likable and it could get intense for a Disney Junior series. I haven't talked about the series finale yet in the proper talkback thread, but despite feeling a bit too rushed in places, it was an all around satisfying note to end the series on. I wish that they had made better use of the original Lion King and Lion King II characters. Kovu in particularly barely had any screentime and it would have been nice to give Kiara a bit more focus as well. They tried so hard to connect the series with the main continuity of the first two movies, but it still doesn't quite work, which I don't blame the writing staff for. Setting the series prior to the time skip in The Lion King II was already a tricky situation. While it had its fair share of problems, I still really enjoyed The Lion Guard and I'm glad that it gave some new life into The Lion King franchise.

5. Big Hero 6: The Series
: This is a pretty fun series. I like most of the cast, it feels like a natural continuation from the movie and the more episodic nature fits pretty nicely with the cast. I haven't watched season two yet, but the first season was pretty solid and the season finale was pretty satisfying.

6. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
: I haven't watched this series in quite some time, but it was really good. The action was great, most of the main cast got a chance to shine and it was pretty engaging. If I could remember more of it or could rewatch a bit more of it, I might have put it higher on the list, but I still enjoyed it.

7. Phineas and Ferb
: While the series could get pretty formulaic, I never really had a major problem with that. Most of the characters were fun, the comedy was solid and it was just all around fun to watch. The Marvel crossover in particular was really hilarious.

8. Milo Murphy's Law
: I really like this series. It has the same kind of comedic tone as Phineas and Ferb, but is more willing to change the status quo. I would have been more tempted to put it higher if season two was a bit better. It still isn't a bad season, but it wasn't as funny as season one. Still, it was an all around fun series and I really hope that they can get a season three off the ground in the future.

9. Amphibia: This is a pretty fun show. It has a nice episodic approach, but there's still a growing on-going mystery at the same time. The growing friendship between Anne and the Planter family members is pretty endearing and sweet. The season finale was surprisingly intense as well. It's still pretty early in its run, but I'm curious to see how season two turns out.

10. Big City Greens: This is a pretty fun show. While Cricket can be annoying or unlikable at times, I like the character dynamics with his family and it can be pretty funny. It's a pretty entertaining comedic slice of life kind of series.

I'll also give an honorable mention to the Mickey Mouse shorts. They're fun, creative and give Mickey Mouse some much needed personality. I also really like the Halloween and Christmas specials.


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Thanks to all that voted! I'm closing down the thread and we'll have the results.....soon!!
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