Toonzone Picks: The Top Adult Swim/Toonami Shows of the 2010's!

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Apr 12, 2016
Here's my Top 10 [adult swim]/Toonami shows & anime.
  1. Rick & Morty
  2. Final Space
  3. Dragon Ball Super
  4. Dragon Ball Z Kai/Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters
  5. My Hero Academia
  6. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  7. One Piece
  8. One-Punch Man
  9. Naruto Shippuden
  10. gen:Lock
Honorable Mentions
  1. FLCL Progressive/FLCL Alternative
  2. Samurai Jack (Season 5)
  3. Genndy's Tartakosvky: Primal
  4. Mike Tyson Mysteries
  5. Robot Chicken
  6. The Venture Bros.
  7. Attack on Titan
  8. Space Dandy
  9. Tigtone
  10. The Jellies
  11. Ballmastrz: 9009
  12. Squidbillies
  13. Mr. Pickles/Momma Named Me Sheriff
  14. Squidbillies
  15. Hot Streets


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Apr 9, 2005
I've watched Toonami mostly.

1) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - How could you not love classic rock references in an anime?
2) Hellsing Ultimate - Saw the original anime on DVD, loved this one more
3) One Punch Man - Of the shows that twist the shonen formula, this is my favorite
4) Samurai 7 - First aired on IFC in the previous decade, premiered on Toonami/Adult Swim this decade, and I still like it
5) Attack on Titan - Beautifully brutal
6) Samurai Jack - Thank you for finally giving this man the ending he deserves (albeit a bittersweet one)
7) Space Dandy - Nice twist on the episodic nature
8) Soul Eater - FOOL! You dare question this pick? My legend begins in the 12th century, you know! (Although the manga was better)
9) Kill la Kill - Yeah, I'm a perv, but this was more fun than THAT online-themed show
10) Black Lagoon - Brutal fun. And probably the last time we'll hear an Ocean Group dub on Toonami

Honorable Mention: Outlaw Star in (mostly) uncut form; still love it after all these years

Shows with little to no action like The Promised Neverland and Dr. Stone are pretty good too, but I hope this doesn't become too much of a trend on Toonami.
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Aug 8, 2014
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  1. Hunter X Hunter
  2. Primal
  3. Rick and Morty
  4. Kill la Kill
  5. One-Punch Man
  6. Ballmastrz: 9009
  7. Mike Tyson Mysteries
  8. Dr. Stone
  9. My Hero Academia
  10. Space Dandy

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May 11, 2007
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1. My Hero Academia: This was easily the most enjoyable series Toonami has aired for me. It is a very shonen series, but it is shonen done extremely well with likable characters, solid action, good pacing and unique powers. While it doesn't focus on its large supporting cast equally, which is pretty large to be fair, most of them do get some moment to shine. Mineta is the absolute worse though. Another reason why this is so high up for me is also because it's the only show Toonami has aired that I've wanted to watch outside of the block. Normally, I'll just watch a show on Toonami live or On Demand, but I was enjoying My Hero Academia so much that I binge watched seasons two and most of season three shortly after they started to air on the block. Granted, part of that was also to avoid spoilers on the currently airing season three, but I watched a large chuck of the series just within a few days and I've never been tempted to do that with any of the other series Toonami has aired.

2. Hunter x Hunter: While I don't think I liked the series as much as other people did, it was still a really interesting series and I can understand the hype behind it. I like the friendship between Go and Killua, the action is solid, the powers are pretty unique and there are some impressive fights.

3. FMA: Brotherhood: It's been awhile since I've seen the series, but I thought it was all around really solid. It had great characters, a good story and it was good to see the manga get another adaptation. The first few episodes are too rushed and maybe I'd feel differently about it if I read the manga, but I enjoyed it. The music was also terrific.

4. Mob Psycho 100: I found this series to be a lot more enjoyable than expected, especially when I don't think that One Punch Man lived up to its hype entirely. It still has a bit of humor, but the more serious tone works better here than in One Punch Man and some of the fights can be surprisingly intense. The character moments for Mob and his brother were particularly quite good too and really gave the anime much more substance than I thought it would have. I wish that they would air season two, but if they don't by sometime early next year, I might finally watch it myself.

5. One Piece: While I've only seen what Toonami has aired of this series, along with the first few early uncut DVDs, it is still a pretty good series with solid fights and fun characters. I feel like it's a bit overhyped now, or maybe that's the result of watching other shonen series that cover good fight and emotional moments within a faster pace, but in any case, I think that it deserves a slot somewhere on my list for being as enjoyable to watch as it was for me.

6. Blue Exorcist: I remember a lot of complaints about this series when it first started, but I honestly liked it a lot. Most of the supporting characters were kind of bland and the last arc was pretty bad, but I thought that the main characters were pretty likable, there were some fun episodes and prior to the last few episodes, I thought that the anime-only content was pretty good. Much like Mob Psycho 100, I wish that they would air season two, but I should watch that one of these days.

7. Gundam IBO: This was easily the most interesting and entertaining Gundami series Toonami has aired. It was dark, depressing and brutal, but that was pretty fitting with the setting and characters. It could move a bit too slow at times, especially in some of the more dialogue heavy episodes, and some of the supporting characters were forgettable, but it was a really good series. I think season two stands out a bit more to me, but at least part of that came from how things got worse and worse for the main cast. If season one is about the underdog team proving themselves to win, then season two is all about how the same underdog team loses it all. There was still some hope left in that ending, so it wasn't entirely depressing either.

8. Lupin the 3rd Part V: Now this is probably the most surprising entry for me since I really didn't care much for Part IV. It wasn't bad, but it just felt so uneven to me tone wise and the plot felt kind of all over the place. Part V was a much needed improvement. The characters were more likable, the pacing was better, the tone was generally more consistent even with a few comedic episodes, and it was much more engaging to watch. Having a few arcs helped to give the season more focused and Ami was a really good likable new character who I wish could have stuck around the main group. The ending itself was also pretty solid and I liked the more self-reflecting nature of the last arc. It leaves things open enough for a potential Part VI, but also gives a good ending note to leave the story there for now.

9. Parasyte the Maxim: This was a more violent kind of series than I'm used to watching, but it was pretty engaging. The fights were brutal and the way the main character changes was pretty interesting. I had more problems with the last few episodes, but it was a pretty satisfying watch.

10. The Promised Neverland: This was definitely one of the more enjoyable new shows on the block. Despite having little to no action, there was a lot of tension with the kids just trying to escape. Seeing how brutal the world was also made it more intense. The three leads were pretty likable and balanced each other pretty nicely. I might have ranked it a bit higher if season one was longer so that we could what happens to the kids after they escape right away, but it was still a really good series.

I'll give an honorable mention to Gurren Lagann. It aired on another channel before Toonami, so it couldn't really count, but it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it immensely. Dr. Stone is also a pretty interesting show, but it's too early to tell how I feel about it as a whole. Same for Demon Slayer. It's a good show, but I don't quite see much of the hype for it either yet. One Punch Man is pretty fun with its action and it can be hilarious, but it seems a bit too serious, or just more serious than I expected it with that premise.

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Aug 1, 2007
1. Bleach
2. Sword Art Online
3. Boruto
4. Akame ga Kill!
5. The Boondocks
6. Naruto Shippuden
7. Blue Exorcist
8. Mob Psycho
9. Food Wars
10. Tokyo Ghoul

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Sep 12, 2006
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Very well, I'll throw mine in at the last minute.
1. Mob Psycho 100
2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
3. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
5. Dragon Ball Z Kai
6. My Hero Academia
7. The Promised Neverland
8. One Punch Man
9. Kill la Kill
10. Lupin the 3rd Part V
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Thanks to all that voted! I'm closing down the thread and we'll have the results.....soon!!
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