Toonami Fantasy Schedules: The Thread

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Jeff Harris

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Apr 25, 2001
The Seventh City
One thread to rule them all.

As people who actually read the site know, I recently had a change of heart about the fantasy threads ban.

In other words, after a month, it's over. For now. So, starting now, the fantasy schedule threads are back on effective right now. The rules are the same as they were prior to the ban except for a couple of things:

All fantasy schedules will be limited to JUST THIS THREAD and ONLY THIS THREAD. No fantasy threads in other discussions, for they will be moved here. Just keeping things balanced.

ADDENDUM 04/11/07: People like to put images in their fantasy schedules. That's fine and all. However, keep the images no larger than 180 X 100 pixels. Also, no lewd, nude, or semi-nude images welcome. Keep in mind that everything must fall under Toon Zone's general guidelines. Any failure to disregard any of these rules, well, let's just remember the fate of Emu Fuzz. And who is Emu Fuzz? Exactly!

So, feel free. Have fun. And be creative.

ADDENDUM 05/30/09: The Legacy Project is dedicated to preserving the history and memory of Toonami, and The FORUM presents an archive of the fantasy schedule threads accumulated over the five years prior to the reformatting of the fantasy schedules in 2007.


Toonami Fantasy Schedules:

2006 - 03/22/07
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Nov 11, 2003
Odessa, TX
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I'll get it started.
7 p.m.- The Batman
7:30- Fantastic Four
8 p.m.- Zatch Bell
8:30 p.m.- Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
9 p.m.- Naruto
9:30- One Piece
10 p.m.- MAR
10:30- The Prince of Tennis

If Toonami was to take over the extra hour, I'd assume it'd be the 6 p.m. hour, and I'd add the following:
6 p.m.- Duel Masters 2.0 (they still do have 3 episodes left to air)
6:30- Shaman King

Now I've heard that April will be all Shonen, and I've heard that Poke'Mon and the Titans are off and that the Naruto encore is returning, but the schedule I'm posting is still a realistic option, so I don't care if it's slightly different.


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Nov 11, 2006
Yeah. Its my dream schedule. Dashed with Toonami's Past,and present.

7PM - The Prince of Tennis
7.5PM - Dragonball Z Remastered
8PM - Yu Yu Hakusho
8.5PM - Naruto
9PM - Rurouni Kenshin
9.5PM - Tenchi Muyo!
10PM - Outlaw Star
10.5 - Gundam Wing or SEED Destiny

Well with Sketch's thread about the top 10 picks of this and that I said why not add some old school, why I started watching Toonami, my favorite shows,and why I watch now. I would've put Sailor Moon, but the right expired even with company as we all know anyway.
Nov 27, 2006
New York
My schedule:

7.0pm: Fantastic Four
7.5pm: Teen Titans
8.0pm: The Batman
8.5pm: Bobobo
9.0pm: Zatch Bell
9.5pm: Naruto
10.0pm: MAR
10.5pm: The Prince of Tennis
11.0pm: Black Cat
11.5pm: Gundam SEED Destiny


You Serious?!
Mar 23, 2003
7.0: MAR
7.5: Prince of Tennis
8.0: Zatch Bell
8.5: The Batman
9.0: Naruto
9.5: One Piece
10.0: .hack//ROOTS
10.5: Gundam SEED Destiny

A predominantly-anime schedule that at least puts some respect back into the line-up the way it should be.
Feb 1, 2006
7.0 Legion of Super Heroes
7.5 The Batman
8.0 The Amazing Spider-Man
8.5 Naruto
9.0 One Piece Uncut
9.5 Buso Renkin
10.0 Bleach
10.5 Black Cat

[box=black]And yes, I am aware of the potential of this thread getting image-heavy, which is why I'm just sticking to 80x80 thumbnails.[/box]
Apr 4, 2005
7:00 - Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2003
7:30 - Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2003
8:00 - Dragonball Z(cell games saga)
8:30 - One Piece (a better dub dont really care for uncut:sweat:)
9:00 - Zatch Bell
9:30 - Naruto
10:00 - Bobobo
10:30 - Bleach

Thats all I can think of..
May 20, 2006
7:00 DragonBall Z Uncut
7:30 Wolverine and the X-Men
8:00 Fantastic Four
8:30 Zatch Bell
9:00 Naruto
9:30 The Batman
10:00 Mar
10:30 The Prince of Tennis
11:00 Escaflowne
11:30 Zoids Genesis

Since Black Cat and Tenchi Muyo GXP are on Funimation Channel are they even possibilities? :sad:
May 14, 2006
If Toonami would be allowed permanent reign over the six hour…

6 block: TMNT 2003/Ben 10
7 block: Legion of Superheroes/Fantastic 4
8 block: Zatch Bell/MÄR
9 block: Naruto/One Piece (at this point it’s sort of safe to say we should be getting a newer, better, dub, so I’m going to say Naruto-standards)
10 block: The Prince of Tennis/Bleach (I still say this needs to be on Toonami)

Hope this follows the rules.
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J'onn J'onzz

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Mar 4, 2006
7:00 Dragonball Z
7:30 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003
8:00 Zatch Bell
8:30 Bobobo-bo bo-bobo
9:00 Naruto
9:30 One Piece
10:00 MAR
10:30 Prince of Tennis

There, a good, somewhat realistic schedule.


Catch 'ya Later!
Mar 22, 2007
Pokemon Universe
I started the exact same thread, but slightly different.
I had a very lengthy description on my fantasy schedule that included Toonami running from 6.0-11.0 Plus a weekday schedule.
BUT nonetheless,
Here it is in short.

Note: this is a realistic schedule, Not just what I want to see on Toonami.

6.0 Pokémon BF or DP
6.5 Yu-Gi-Oh GX
7.0 The Batman/ Fantastic 4/ Sgt. Frog
7.5 Legion of Superheroes
8.0 Zatch Bell
8.5 Bo^7
9.0 Naruto
9.5 One Piece
10.0 MÄR
10.5 The Prince of Tennis

5.0 The Batman/ Fantastic 4
5.5 Zatch Bell/ One Piece
6.0 Naruto
6.5 MÄR/ The Prince of Tennis

Oh, and by the way,
I love the image schedule Highwind- Nice Touch

Raidon Makoto

Long Live The Heroes
Mar 1, 2006
Toonami April

April 7
7.0 The Batman #27
7.5 Yu-Gi-Oh GX #103
*Naruto Marathon*

April 14
7.0 The Batman #28
7.5 Yu-Gi-Oh GX #104
8.0 Zatch Bell #?
8.5 Bo^7 #55
9.0 Naruto #83
9.5 One Piece #85
10.0 MAR #6
10.5 PoT #6

April 21
7.0 Pokemon D/P #1
7.5 Pokemon D/P #2
8.0 Pokemon D/P #3
8.5 Pokemon D/P #4
9.0 Naruto #84
9.5 Pokemon D/P #5
10.0 MAR #7
10.5 PoT #7

April 28
7.0 Pokemon D/P #6
7.5 Yu-Gi-Oh GX #105
8.0 Zatch Bell #?
8.5 Bo^7 #56
9.0 Naruto #85
9.5 One Piece #86
10.0 MAR #7
10.5 PoT #7

Coming in May: More of the same :p
Coming in June: Digimon Data Squad among other things :p


u ppl need 2 watch some of the old stuff!

7.0 Ronin Warriors (everybody forgets about this series)
7.5 Outlaw Star (can't get enough of it)
8.0 Dragonball Z Uncut (love the action!)
8.5 G Gundam (haven't seen in a long time)
9.0 Reboot (Very Old Very very old very classic)
9.5 Tenchi (has so many episodes can't be annoyed by reruns)
10.0 Yu Yu Hakasho (if thats the way you spell it)
10.5 Rourouni Kenshin (again very old but VERY awesome)

As you can see, i love the old stuff. for those of you that have never wtched this U NEED TO!!!!!!
Jun 28, 2006
My Toonami Fantasy Schedule:

7.0 Sgt. Frog
7.5 TMNT (2003)
8.0 Zatch Bell!
8.5 MAR
9.0 Naruto
9.5 The Prince of Tennis
10.0 Hunter X Hunter
10.5 Buso Renkin


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Apr 9, 2005
New England
I'm doing one of this picture ones too

Toonami Prediction

May 19-June 2007

7.0 Dragonball Z(Reruns)
7.5 Fantastic Four!
8.0 Zatch Bell!
8.5 Bobobo-bo-Bo-bobo
9.0 Naruto
9.5 One Piece
10.0 MAR
10.5 Prince of Tennis

Only 2 changes, w00t

Oh, and Sketch has the best schedule ever

UNDER CONSTRUCTION(Makin way for my massive excel sched)
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