Toon Zone Talkback - "Olivia" on DVD: Safe, Harmless, Unsurprising Kidvid


Truer Words Were Never Spoken
This is the talkback thread for "Olivia" on DVD: Safe, Harmless, Unsurprising Kidvid.

Never even heard of Olivia. o_O



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Gennedy has a new show coming soon and returning to Cartoon Network. This better not get screwed over like Sym Bionic Titan

This is an interesting set of choices. We have 2 WB shows and 2 Disney Junior shows.

Apparently, in addition to the DreamWorks incarnation of Trolls... Disney Channel aired the DiC one?
they can bring back g4, chiller, and cloo back on xumo, i mean if they bring back spike tv for pluto tv, why not chiller, cloo, and g4 for xumo